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Christmas Countdown Day 2 – The Nikka Session

There’s just one more full day until Santa arrives with lots of whisky for us to enjoy with family and friends while we share in the pleasures of Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings, but before that, we have two more of our favourite new releases for 2020 to look at! Today, it’s another excellent […]

Christmas Countdown Day 3 – Akkeshi Sarorunkamuy

Only three more sleeps ’til Christmas and that means we have three more superb Japanese Whisky releases for 2020 to look at before Santa finally arrives. Today, we’re looking at another excellent release from the Akkeshi distillery. Despite being relatively new on the scene, they have impressed us with their well-rounded, moreish expressions and for […]


Christmas Countdown Day 4 – Ichiro’s Malt 505 World Blended Whisky

We’re back for Day 4 of our Christmas Countdown and today we have a fantastic new whisky from one of the best producer’s in all of Japan, Ichiro’s Malt. The company has been leading the way with honesty, transparency and innovation for years now and this year’s magnificent 505 World Blended Whisky is another shining […]


Christmas Countdown Day 5 – Mars Tsunuki The First

With only five more sleeps ’til the big day, we’re back with our Christmas Countdown and another of our favourite new Japanese Whisky releases of 2020. Yesterday we took a look at the excellent Essence of Suntory Volume 4, if you missed that you can catch up by clicking here.  Today, it’s all about an […]


Christmas Countdown Day 6 – Essence of Suntory Volume 4

It’s the second day of our 2020 Christmas Countdown, I hope you’ve got a dram and a mince pie at the ready! Yesterday we took a look at the brilliant Akkeshi Kanro, an exciting, fruity and well-balanced expression from a promising young distillery. If you missed that, you can catch up by clicking here. Today, […]


Christmas Countdown Day 7 – The Akkeshi Kanro

With Christmas just a week away, it’s time to kick-off our Christmas Countdown! This year, we’re doing something a bit different and focusing on our favourite Japanese whisky releases of 2020, highlighting a different bottle each day and giving you the opportunity to add it to your collection at a discounted price. What better way […]


Inside The Budō Collection

On Thursday past, the moment to reveal our brand new Karuizawa bottling – The Budo Collection – finally arrived and we have been left teary-eyed by the incredible feedback we have received thus far. Each of the bottles in The Budō Collection – Karuizawa 35 Year Old (1981 – 2017) #7147 Japanese Single Cask Whisky […]


Karuizawa: Japan’s Most Collectible Malt Whisky

Since the beginning of the Japanese whisky boom of the early 2000s, expressions from distilleries around Japan have been attracting millions of thirsty consumers around the globe. The delicate, perfectly balanced characteristics of whiskies from The Land of the Rising Sun have offered new horizons for aficionados to explore, along with new distillery stories to […]


Akkeshi To Release New Single Malt – Akkeshi Kanro

Akkeshi is one of Japan’s fastest rising craft whisky distilleries. Situated on the stunning northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, they have been distilling whisky since 2016. The distillery founder, Keiichi Toita, chose the island as the location for his whisky venture thanks to his love of Islay single malts. The climate on Hokkaido is both […]