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dekantā offers the world’s largest online selection of authentic Japanese spirits with an inventory of over 2,000 products, and, since the opening of its online store in 2015, has shipped more than 20,000 bottles to customers around the world. A family owned and run business, dekantā’s founders have been selling collectibles since 1985 and specialize in rare, collectible, and new release single malt Japanese whisky. dekantā offers worldwide delivery on an extensive range of Japanese single malt whisky, Japanese grain whisky and Japanese blended whisky, in addition to Scottish whisky released for the Japanese market only. More recently, Japanese wine has been introduced through the dekantā Cellar, and spirits from wider Asia through dekantā Oriental.

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  • Inspired by the new Japanese drink trend of ‘On-nomi’, dekantā TV’s ‘Japanese Whisky Lockdown’, presented by Japanese comedian Kilara Sen, will bring entertainment to Japanese whisky fans in isolation across the globe. April 9, 2020TOKYO – Japanese spirits e-commerce site dekantā today launch their online channel, ‘Japanese Whisky Lockdown’, offering an eclectic mix of comedy, whisky […]

  • At 9am EST Tuesday December 10th, the world’s foremost online retailer of Japanese whisky, dekantā, will release 30 sets of limited edition Single Malt, distilled at the closed Karuizawa distillery in Japan, to online consumers, on a first-come first-serve basis. December 6, 2019TOKYO – At 9am EST Tuesday December 10th, the world’s foremost online retailer of Japanese […]

  • The world’s foremost online retailer of Japanese whisky, dekantā, have revealed a Mizunara Japanese oak finished private label Japanese whisky, inspired by a Japanese military leader, to mark the company’s fourth anniversary. June 10, 2019TOKYO – This private label, single cask whisky from dekantā, home to the world’s largest online inventory of Japanese whisky, has […]

  • A ballot for dekantā’s Karuizawa ‘Shibari’ 35 Year Old Sherry Cask Series, featuring four limited edition designs inspired by the Japanese art of rope bondage, and containing rare Japanese whisky from the closed Karuizawa distillery, will close on Monday 18 February. February 6, 2019TOKYO – Online Japanese spirits retailer dekantā is giving whisky enthusiasts internationally the […]

  • November 29, 2018TOKYO — A full-bodied red wine from Katashimo winery in Japan, Geisha Neko 2016 is the first private label release from the dekantā Japanese Wine cellar.Having launched an inaugural selection of 40 Japanese red wines in February 2018, Japanese whisky and wine specialists dekantā have introduced a new line of independently bottled wines, […]


  • Bloomberg   •  

    Some of these wines are available in the U.K. and U.S., while others will arrive next year. You can order now from Dekanta, a Japanese online retailer. If they don’t list it, they may be able to source it for you.

  • Scottish Field   •  

    The world’s foremost online retailer of Japanese whisky, dekanta, have revealed the drink, inspired by a Japanese military leader, to mark their fourth anniversary.

  • The Whiskey Wash   •  

    Anything Karuizawa Japanese whisky is an extremely hot commodity on the market these days. Karuizawa, in short, opened in 1955 near an active volcano, producing a range of single malts from imported Golden Promise barley from Scotland which was often aged in sherry casks. It was ultimately mothballed in 2000, and the dwindling stock that’s left tends to make high end whisky buyers swoon. It is into this realm that online Japanese whisky retailer Dekanta has stepped, with word of a new 35 year old series that’s been inspired by Shibari, which is a Japanese style of artistic rope bondage (more on that below).

  • The Spirits Business   •  

    dekanta's Kikou bottling features in the coverage image for The Spirits Business' Top 50 Innovative Spirit Launches of 2018.

  • Robb Report   •  

    The latest must-have release from Kavalan is its Solist Peaty Cask ($399), the second limited-edition release in a range of single-cask whiskies curated by online retailer dekantā, home of the world’s largest online selection of Japanese spirits.

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