Jellyfish Inspired Rare Japanese Whisky Collection on Sale Friday

This Friday, a rare opportunity will arise for whisky enthusiasts to experience the increasingly sought-after taste of Japanese single malt. From the legendary Karuizawa distillery, online luxury spirits retailer dekantā exclusively presents their latest bottling; The Kurage Collection.

February 8, 2022

TOKYO — With 40 sets available, this limited-edition, single malt pair offers dekantā clients a chance to own some of the world’s rarest whisky. Containing liquid distilled in the millennium, before the Karuizawa distillery ceased production, bottlings of the remaining Karuizawa stock are in increasing demand. The duo set Kurage Collection will go on sale on a first-come-first-served basis on on Friday, February 11, 2022.

The two-bottle set of 1999-2000 vintage ($13,500 per set: 70cl; 55 % ABV and 70cl; 60.6 % ABV) were designed to showcase one of Japan’s legendary sea creatures; the Japanese Sea Nettle. These gentle jellyfish frequent the Pacific waters with their long, trailing tentacles, earning the series its name; Kurage. “We feel that Japanese Sea Nettles capture the true essence of Japanese people and our culture, while also having parallels with the legendary Karuizawa liquid – they are beautiful and elegant in appearance but strong, powerful and determined underneath,” said dekantā founder and director, Makiyo Masa. The text on the two bottles tells the origin story of dekantā. “You’ve not seen a collection like this before, this set is one the most visually impressive designs in the world to date,” said Liam Hiller, head of content for dekantā.

Various European oak sherry casks and maturities were selected and blended to showcase the full range of notes unique to Karuizawa expressions. “The casks have subtly influenced the color of the liquid, turning it to a gentle mahogany, while also imparting an incredible array of notes onto the spirit. It’s fruity, spicy, and incredibly smooth on the palate,” said Liam Hiller.

Makiyo Masa said; “This collection joins an extensive list of exquisite old and rare single malt bottlings that dekantā have sourced, designed and bottled over the years, becoming a piece of Japanese whisky history in the process.”

The Kurage Collection goes on sale on on February 11, 7pm EST, 4pm PST and 9am JST. Customers will receive their sets in mid-March.

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About Karuizawa distillery

When demand for Japanese whisky declined at the start of the century, the Karuizawa’s distillery’s production became inviable, so the kilns were put out and the doors were closed. But the precious liquid distilled in Karuizawa remained, aging in its casks. Since closing, the global demand for Japanese whisky has soared. “Karuizawa liquid being the highest in demand during this boom,” Liam Hiller said. “As the most prized whisky bottles in existence, there was no better design to represent the elegance, beauty, strength, and power of the Karuizawa Distillery and their liquid.”

About dekantā

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