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Craft japanese gin

Gin-Posium 2017 – The Era of Craft Japanese Gin

The year is coming to close, yet, the excitement doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Tokyo Whisky Festival showcased the rise of tiny, passionate whisky distillers, while over in London, the Spirit Show brought forth craft as a whole. Our team made sure to show the London crowd what Japanese gin is […]

Japanese Gin Builds With Exotic Botanicals

Competition In Japanese Gin Builds With Exotic Botanicals

Japan’s “first artisanal gin” was launched last year, by the wonderful Kyoto distillery. Yet, it was recently, in 2017, that Japanese gin really went global, with two gins by Japanese whisky giants, Nikka and Suntory. The Suntory Roku and Nikka Coffey gin, both featuring Japanese botanical-heavy recipes, launched first in Japan, and more recently reached […]

Japanese spirits gift guide

Gift Guide: Other Japanese Spirits for You to Try

Japanese has recently become more well-known for whisky production, but there were other spirits before whisky that have become a staple in everyday Japanese culture. Now that the holidays are here, we’d like to introduce you to other Japanese liquor. These alcoholic beverages make wonderful gifts for friends and family or even for yourself. If […]