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Dekanta’s 2nd Anniversary Week – The Exciting Events Ahead

We’re ecstatic here at dekanta, as we look back over the amazing two years that have passed since our journey began. For our 2nd anniversary, which will run between Saturday May 27th and Saturday June 3rd, we have many fun events, sales, and prizes for you all! But, before we get into what’s happening this […]

Whisky Rising
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Interview With The Author of Whisky Rising – The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan

Just over a month ago, to mark the coming of spring, one of the most well-researched, in-depth books on Japanese whisky to date was published. On the 4th of April 2017, “Whisky Rising – The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan” hit online bookstores worldwide, easily purchasable from Amazon and other […]

Tokyo Bar Show 2017-A
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Tokyo International BarShow 2017 – Everything You Need To Know

It was raining on the 13th of May, Saturday morning, but that wasn’t enough to stop the hordes of whisky fans from getting to the Tokyo International BarShow 2017. Umbrellas started to queue a few hours before kick-off, and we were ushered into the main hall at exactly 11.00 am, a feat which demonstrated the […]

Spirit of Speyside festival-3
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Chichibu Turns Heads At The Spirit Of Speyside

The Spirit of Speyside whisky festival is the biggest one of its kind. It’s understandable, as over half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries, and some of the most world-renowned, reside in the Speyside region, giving the event a lot of great whisky to present and introduce to the whisky world. This year the event ran from […]

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Yamazaki Unveils 2017 Limited Edition

If you’ve heard of Japanese whisky, then you’ve heard of the Yamazaki distillery. It’s one of the oldest distilleries in Japan, and is owned by the global drinks giant, Suntory. We’re understandably excited for Yamazaki’s 2017 Limited Edition bottling, but first we’d like to introduce you to this very exclusive and highly anticipated collection. Yamazaki […]


Celebrate Dekanta: Yamazakura Day

Japan is known for a wide range of special spirits like shochu and sake, and there are many companies in Japan that produce these popular alcoholic beverages. Over the years, some of these shochu and sake manufacturers have extended their product line to include Japanese whisky. Sasa-no-kawa Shuzo is one of them. Sasanaokawa Shuzo began […]

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Celebrate Dekanta: Mars Day

Note on naming: the official name of the distillery is actually Hombo Shuzo Co (Hombo breweries), while it is often called Honbo Ms (Mars after the whisky), Shinshu (after the distillery), Mars Shinshu etc. in colloquial language. We prefer just calling it Mars after the whisky it makes. If you know your Japanese whisky, then […]

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Celebrate Dekanta: Suntory Day

There are all sorts of things happening at dekanta now as we are celebrating the second anniversary of our company. Because of this we have no shortage of free stuff we are giving away, including gift cards, over $1,000 in free whisky and much more. Click here for full details about our Anniversary Week Event, […]