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Featured Distillery: Venture Whisky Ltd.

As part of our Featured Japanese Whisky Distillery and Whisky Maker series, we’ll be introducing the Venture Whisky Ltd. Company today and helping you learn more about the Japanese whisky brands that produce high-quality, luxury whisky. Known as an independent bottler or Ji-Whisky, this quaint, yet prominent, whisky manufacturer comes from a unique background. Venture […]

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Top 10 Places to Drink Whisky in Japan

Paradise for whisky lovers isn’t just in Scotland – Japan is one of the best places to experience whisky, too! Japanese whisky has become a hot topic around the world after Japan has gained more awareness for its whisky through movies such as “Lost in Translation” and world-renowned awards (e.g., Suntory’s Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry […]

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7 Fun Facts About Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky is more than just fancy bottles with liquid gold inside! There’s history, culture, and art behind these stunning bottles of silky and luscious Japanese whisky. If you’d like to learn more about the award-winning Japanese whisky, read on to discover more interesting facts about this famed liquor! 1. Whisky is readily available almost […]


Let’s raise our glasses to Sake

A lot of us have probably heard of that famous Japanese tea ceremony, known as the Chanoyu. Also sometimes called Sado or Ocha. This is a truly elaborate ritual surrounding a loose green tea called Matcha. But how many of us know about Kagami Biraki? The ceremony surrounding the opening of a cask of another Asian […]

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Suntory, Yamazaki

A Lesson in Japanese Whisky

If we went back 50 years would we have thought that Japanese whisky would surpass Scottish whisky? The answer to that surely has to be a resounding no! Let’s now look at why Japanese whisky has picked up so many awards, making it one of the best whiskies in the world! Japanese whisky now becomes […]


Karuizawa Collection Continues to Expand

We at dekantā have been busy stocking up on Karuizawa bottles, and we dare say that by now we probably have one of the most impressive collection you are likely to find anywhere! Let’s take a look at a few bottles! Karuizawa Cask Strength 1999-2000 Vintages Fugaku Sanjurokkei 2nd Release Let’s start with something affordable, […]