The Main Japanese Whisky Companies and Distilleries (1)
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Whisky 101: The Main Japanese Whisky Companies and Distilleries

If you’re new to Japanese whisky or whisky in general, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the most well-known distilleries and companies in the whisky field. Japanese whisky has gained tremendous attention around the world, and it’s worth noting the popular Japanese liquor companies and distilleries if you want to enter this […]

ghost part1
Japanese Whisky, Karuizawa

Part One: Yoshitoshi’s New Forms of 36 Ghosts – A Karuizawa Whisky Feature

Folklore and legends are found in cultures all around the world, and Japan’s folklore is one of the most unique and prominent. Even companies, artists, and other specialists feature these mysterious stories on their works and products. We’d like to share with you a fascinating art series by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi called “New Forms of 36 […]

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Gift Guide: Suntory Whisky for Musicians/Music Lovers

Here at dekantā, during the holiday season, we’re putting together our gift guides of our favourite whiskies, to help you whisky lovers source the perfect present for an important person in your life.  In our gift guide today, we’re going to introduce several Suntory Japanese whiskies stored in musical instruments, making them wonderful gifts for […]