The Main Japanese Whisky Companies and Distilleries (1)
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Whisky 101: The Main Japanese Whisky Companies and Distilleries

If you’re new to Japanese whisky or whisky in general, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the most well-known distilleries and companies in the whisky field. Japanese whisky has gained tremendous attention around the world, and it’s worth noting the popular Japanese liquor companies and distilleries if you want to enter this […]

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Featured Distillery: Venture Whisky Ltd.

As part of our Featured Japanese Whisky Distillery and Whisky Maker series, we’ll be introducing the Venture Whisky Ltd. Company today and helping you learn more about the Japanese whisky brands that produce high-quality, luxury whisky. Known as an independent bottler or Ji-Whisky, this quaint, yet prominent, whisky manufacturer comes from a unique background. Venture […]

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Bartenders choice: Ichiro’s Malt

One famous Japanese whisky I have not talked about so far is Ichiro’s Malt, the famous whisky from Venture Whisky owned by the charismatic Ichiro Akuto. Ichiro’s Malt is very popular overseas, but it is also popular among Japanese whisky fans. It can be a bit difficult for bartenders to evaluate this whisky, while some […]

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Marcin Miller – The Number One whisky man

Europe is lucky, it has Marcin Miller, and without him there might not be much Japanese whisky on the continent. Marcin Miller is the co-founder and owner of Number One Drinks, a worldwide distributor of fine Japanese whiskies such as Chichibu, Hanyu, Kawasaki, Karuizawa and Mars. He used to be Editor and Publisher of Whisky […]