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Whisky of the Month For September: Kanosuke 2021 First Edition

It’s time once again to name our Whisky of the Month. This month, we’ve chosen a whisky that has been incredibly popular with our employees and customers alike since its release and it’s one that we can’t recommend highly enough – The Kanosuke 2021 First Edition.  The Kanosuke Distillery The Kanosuke Distillery sits on the […]


Whisky of the Month For July: Ichiro’s Malt MWR

We’re now nearing the end of July and that means it’s time for us to highlight another of our favourite Japanese whiskies from one of the country’s fastest growing and most popular producers as our Whisky of the Month. This time around, it’s a magnificent creation from Ichiro’s Malt.  Run by Ichiro Akuto,who’s family owned […]


Whisky of the Month – Kavalan Solist Rum Cask

This week we’re kicking off a new monthly series in which we’ll explore some of our favourite whisky expressions of all time. These range from Japanese whisky, to world blends and expressions from top distilleries around Asia, including the multi-award-winning Kavalan.  Each and every expression highlighted is a marvel in its own right, combining years […]