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Interview With The Author of Whisky Rising – The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan

Just over a month ago, to mark the coming of spring, one of the most well-researched, in-depth books on Japanese whisky to date was published. On the 4th of April 2017, “Whisky Rising – The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan” hit online bookstores worldwide, easily purchasable from Amazon and other […]

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Chichibu Distillery: A Timeless Story

The story of the Chichibu distillery is a romantic and hopeful one to say the least, with all the ups and downs, and sadness and happiness that comes with any tale worth telling. It begins a long time ago. Owned and run by the Akuto family, the Hanyu distillery was founded during the 17th century, […]

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7 Fun Facts About Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky is more than just fancy bottles with liquid gold inside! There’s history, culture, and art behind these stunning bottles of silky and luscious Japanese whisky. If you’d like to learn more about the award-winning Japanese whisky, read on to discover more interesting facts about this famed liquor! 1. Whisky is readily available almost […]