Dekanta 5th Anniversary Countdown Day 2 – Nagahama

It’s Day 2 of our 10 day dekanta anniversary countdown, and today we’re honouring another of Japan’s ji-whisky distilleries. Yesterday, we looked at Akashi White Oak (if you missed that you can catch up right here), and we hope you all grabbed yourself a nice bottle at a discounted price.  Today, it’s all about Nagahama, […]

White Oak Distillery

Dekanta 5th Anniversary Countdown Day 1 – White Oak Distillery

It’s June and that has everyone here at dekanta very excited, and not just because the summer has arrived and the sun is shining. While that does put a smile on all of our faces, there’s something else that has us in a particularly good mood, it’s our 5th anniversary! That’s right, we’ve now been […]

Nagahama To Release Debut Single Malts

Nagahama Set To Release Debut Single Malts

Founded in 2016, Nagahama is Japan’s smallest distillery, situated next to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake. They produce a spirit as crisp and elegant as the distillery’s surroundings and are one of the fastest rising craft distilleries in all of Japan.  Earlier this month, the distillery announced the up-coming release of their first single […]

Essence Of Suntory Volume 4

Essence Of Suntory Volume 4: Sakura and Rice

Suntory recently announced the release of the fourth volume in their popular Essence of Suntory range. The series has acted as something of a stop-gap for the drinks giant, providing Japanese whisky fans with some quality expressions to get stuck into while we wait for the on-going whisky shortage to ease.  It’s no secret that […]

World Whiskies Awards 2020

Japanese Whisky Triumphs At World Whiskies Awards 2020

It’s that time of year again, the World Whiskies Awards 2020 winners have just been announced and once again it has been a good year for Japanese whisky, with several brilliant expressions running out as winners in their respective categories. We can’t say we’re overly surprised, as Japanese whiskies have been picking up the top […]

Akkeshi Release First Single Malt

Akkeshi Distillery Releases First Single Malt Whisky – The Sarorunkamuy

The Akkeshi distillery, situated on the stunning northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, has been distilling whisky since 2016. The distillery founder, Keiichi Toita, chose the island as the location for his whisky venture thanks to his love of Islay single malts. The climate on Hokkaido is both cool and wet, and so conditions are perfect […]

Japanese Whisky Regulations

Japanese Whisky Regulations On The Horizon

Just over a month ago, we spoke of industry plans to establish a Japanese Whisky Association that would set a standard for Japanese whisky, tightening regulations and quelling much of the controversy that is currently circulating around the industry, as customers demand more transparency on exactly what goes into the whiskies they are buying. Now, […]