Introducing The dekanta Exclusive Kavalan ex-Bourbon Barrel

Today is a very special day for everyone here at dekanta and our loyal followers around the world – it’s our 7th Anniversary! That means we have been shipping the finest Japanese and Asian whiskies around the world for some time now and we’re happy to say that we have enjoyed every minute. Today, we’re kicking off our celebrations by launching a truly incredible new whisky from one of the finest distilleries in the world.

Over the years, dekanta has built up a strong relationship with a number of excellent distilleries across Japan and beyond. One such distillery is Taiwan’s outstanding Kavalan, responsible for an incredible range of award-winning bottles that are adored around the world. 

We’ve released a number of exciting exclusives from this world-beating distillery and now, we’re delighted to bring you another just in time for our 7th Anniversary. We couldn’t be happier to present to you, the dekanta exclusive Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask, limited to just 171 bottles upon release. 

The Kavalan Solist Range

Kavalan is Taiwan’s number one distillery, launched in 2005. Since then, they have been responsible for one of the finest single cask single malt ranges of all time – the Solist range – taking its name from “Soloist” thanks to the founder’s love of classical music. 

The series of bottlings has quickly become a fan favourite and has picked up an unprecedented number of awards in the process. In fact, in the last year alone, Kavalan Solist bottlings won more than 10 top level awards at prestigious whisky competitions around the globe.

This world-beating range includes numerous different expressions, finished in a variety of cask types, including Vinho Barrique, rum casks, peated casks, manzanilla and of course, the hugely popular ex-Bourbon releases. With the latter being the most awarded in the distillery’s history, accounting for 60% of the 350 Gold Medals that Kavalan has won for the Solist bottlings. 

Dekanta Exclusive – Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon 


With that said, we’re delighted to introduce you to the latest release in this outstanding range, and what’s more, it’s only available here on dekanta. This stunning new whisky aims to follow on from its predecessors in style, bringing more of that award-winning liquid to your whisky cabinet.

Matured in only the finest quality bourbon barrels, that are painstakingly chosen from a variety of sources, Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon was first released in 2009. Since then, there have been a number of exciting editions of this expression and each and every one is created with natural colour and without chill-filtration.

The fact that the Kavalan Distillery is based in the mountainous region of Yilan, which sits just north of the tropic of Cancer, also has profound effects on the spirit and the maturation, resulting in fairly concentrated whisky that is absolutely packed with a compelling range of tasting notes that may take several drams to fully explore. 

Only the best performing casks are selected for the Solist range and all of this combined results in some of the purest and most honest expressions possible, that take drinkers on a journey from the stunning, rolling hills of Yilan, through the cask maturation process and finally into your glass.

This new release brings soft coconut, lashings of vanilla, sweet oak and honey on the nose, before the palate arrives with toasted wood, gentle ginger spice and an array of tropical fruits that dance on your palate in tandem. The finish is long and fruity, backed up by sweet cinnamon that lasts until your next sip. 

It’s a truly outstanding creation and one that continues the Solist trend of releasing only the very best liquid available. This is a result of the attention to detail paid by the Kavalan Master Distiller, who regularly samples all casks throughout the maturation process, ensuring that they are only bottled when they are truly ready.

At dekanta, we’re delighted to be able to offer this legendary new release exclusively on our website, and with only 171 bottles created, we expect it to sell out fast and have our fingers crossed that it picks up some awards of its own.

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