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    “Taking inspiration from Western winemakers, while developing their own techniques, methods and grapes best suited to the climate, Japanese wine producers are really starting to gain momentum,” said dekantā founder and director Makiyo Masa. “Japanese wine has quickly grown into a strong, complex category in the wine world, and the best is yet to come,” he added.

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    Until very recently, dekantā has been home to the world’s largest online selection of authentic Japanese spirits, which the company says it has been delivering to 127 countries across the continents. On March 13, 2018, the company announced its launch of dekantā cellar, a collection of 40 red wines from Japan, available through the same digital portal as spirits and delivered to the same 127 countries.

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    In what amounted to a high-stakes game of adult beverage bingo, a handful of fine-spirits aficionados and collectors recently won the right to purchase one of the world’s most exclusive whiskies, Karuizawa 35 Year Old Cities of Japan Sherry Cask. With an inventory consisting of just 150 bottles, Japanese spirit retailer dekantā knew that consumer demand would far outstrip their supply.

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    The Japanese beverage retailer dekantā, however, has come up with a way in which it becomes feasible for us, ordinary mortals, to enjoy this liquid gold. The Karuizawa Cities of Japan 35 Year Old . This whiskey comes in a very limited edition of 150 bottles of the respected, but now closed Karuizawa distillery.

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    Today, the authentic Japanese spirits retailer dekantā announced the launch of its ballot for a rare Karuizawa 35-year whisky, of which only 150 bottles from the now closed distillery are available. As Karuizawa ceased production in 2000 and demand for Japanese whisky has steadily risen, this distillery’s whisky is particularly sought after.