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    "Japanese gin”: for contemporary American bartenders, a more pure phrasal catnip couldn’t be engineered in a lab. It combines the world’s most mixable spirit with the most obsession-inspiring cocktail culture.

  • Robb Report   •  

    Japan’s top distilleries are adding gin into their mix of spirits offerings. They’re currently available through Japanese spirits specialist Dekantā, with wider release coming later this year.

  • Forbes   •  

    Japan is just starting to get into the gin game, and the results are already promising. Here's a selection of the very few examples just now showing up outside Japan. All are available for purchase or pre-order at Dekanta. (If you're feeling adventurous, try it in the oyuwari style which is equal parts hot water and gin to create a sake-like flavor.)

  • The Financial Times - How To Spend It   •  

    Japan’s oldest commercial whisky distillery will make only its fourth limited edition release on June 10, when the Yamazaki 2017 launches through online Japanese whisky specialists Dekantā.

  • The Spirits Business   •  

    The Essence of Suntory Whisky collection, quantities of which are limited, will go on sale in Japan next month and are now available for international pre-orders from Dekantā.