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Christmas Countdown Day 6 – Eigashima 2011 ‘Kikou’

It’s Day 6 of our Christmas Countdown and today we’re looking at a bottle that is very close to our hearts. This whisky was our first independent bottling and was released to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. Since then it has gone on to win an award at the Independent Bottlers Challenge and become internationally recognised. […]


Christmas Countdown Day 7 – Yamazaki Limited Edition Series

It’s Day 7 of Christmas Countdown and today we’re looking at a very special range of bottles from one of the best whisky producing distilleries in the whole of Japan. This distillery is famous for their exquisite releases, many of which are seen as the pinnacle of Asian whisky production, and their bottles are sought […]


Christmas Countdown Day 12 – Hibiki 21 Year Old

Today, we’re kicking off our dekanta 12 days of Christmas Countdown. Each day in the run up to the arrival of Father Christmas, we’ll be looking at an outstanding Japanese whisky from the year gone by. Each of the expressions we explore deserves honour and praise for its delectable flavour profile and each has made […]