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Explore Our Summer Sales Event

Barbeques, beaches, lakes, parades, vacations, fairs and all sorts of celebrations — we love summer! While you’re enjoying the sunshine, it’s a great time to reward yourself with a bottle of premium Japanese Whisky. It just so happens that we at dekantā are expecting a huge delivery of quality whisky in a few weeks, so […]


Japanese Whisky Investing

Whisky is a fascinating drink; in our view, far more fascinating than wine, vodka, brandy, beer, or any other drink. Don’t believe us? Google it! You will find far more quotations about whisky from some of history’s greatest authors and thinkers than you will ever find on any other alcoholic beverages. Those who know the […]


Gaiaflow to use Karuizawa equipment in its new distillery

You know Gaiaflow right? A recently established independent bottler in Shizuoka (a city chiefly known for having an excellent view of Mt. Fuji). The company has made some name for itself for importing and bottling exotic whiskies from places like India and Sweden. They also offer excellent whiskies from well known Scottish distilleries such as […]