See our awesome new bottles!

We at dekantā are avid collectors of novelty bottles. By this, we refer to bottles that don’t exactly resemble your average bottle of whisky, with some taking the shape of animals, others comparable to whisky casks, and sometimes even musical instruments. Over the past few weeks, we have managed to acquire more of these quirky bottles than usual, and we are excited to share them with you!

Below, we present our top choices from the Animal Kingdom:


Taketsuru Pure Malt Bear Mini Bottle Set

Japanese whisky makers have quite a fascination with bears, and if you struggle to absorb that information, we can prove it quite simply here, and also here.The Nikka Bear Mini Bottle Dekantā Set contains the most detailed bear bottles of them all. Comprising two adorable bears, each holding a cute bottle of the best Taketsuru whisky, these bottles will look magnificent on any shelf, so why not grab it while it’s here?

Suntory Old Tiger Bottle

The Year of the Tiger will be upon us in 2022, meaning those born in an earlier Year of the Tiger have very little cause for panic. We are quite sure that, like us, anyone will love this bottle – even those averse to tigers! By taking the shape of a tiger, this is surely a bottle for the child in all of us.

Royal 1992 Monkey

Unlike the Year of the Tiger, the Year of the Monkey will excitingly be upon is in a little more than just a week. Released in 1992, which was also the Year of the Monkey, this bottle is increasingly rare, making it the perfect choice for the collector of whisky, as well as it looking extremely attractive on your shelf.

Rare Super Old Premium ‘The Sheep’

The Year of the Sheep is coming to a pass, but this, by no means, will cause this bottle to become any less rare. It also contains Nikka’s finest, being the Yoichi – a win-win combination if there ever was one.

Suntory Old Zodiac Bottle 1983 – Rabbit

Refusing to be outperformed by Nikka, Suntory also has its lineup of zodiac bottles. This ceramic bottle celebrates the Year of the Rabbit, and is not only elegantly designed and painted, but it is also as rare as these particular bottles can possibly get.

Suntory Old Zodiac Bottle – Boar

2007 was the last Year of the Boar, and it will next arrive in 2019. Similar to its rabbit counterpart, this bottle is ceramic, as well as being beautifully decorated and rare. This is a true collector’s item!

A little bit from Whisky history:

Yoichi Kiln Tower Bottle

We love Nikka. The company churns out collectible bottles at such remarkable rates that we can hardly keep up. This eminently collectible bottle is a replica of the Yoichi distillery, of sorts. This bottle will most definitely sit great on your shelf, even if you happen to drink the contents! And of course, we could not blame you for doing so.

Nikka Black Whisky Pure Malt with Retro Bottle Cover

If you have ever visited Japan, you may recognize ‘the whisky man’, being on the cover of every Black Nikka bottle – a bottle that can be found in every corner of Japan. We’ve managed to get our hands on this attractive bottle cover, perfect for any fan of Nikka. This is sold with a bottle of Nikka Black Whisky Pure Malt.

Suntory Whisky Royal Cask

Allow us to present to you with something that every fan of whisky is bound to love; this is not just a bottle, but a whole cask of whisky. Containing 180ml of Suntory Royal, this cask looks so good that we at dekantā will find it extremely difficult to say goodbye to! Remember that there’s absolutely no harm in drinking it, because you can always refill once it’s empty. :)

Hanshin Tigers 2003 – 12 Bottle Set

We could not resist including this special set… Not one, but twelve bottles of Karuizawa whisky. Each bottle is 36cl, making this set over 4 liters of whisky from quite the legendary distillery. As we have mentioned before, if you’re not a big fan of baseball, then the bottle caps might not resonate with you. However, it may be wise to look past the baseball theme, because there is plenty of Karuizawa to enjoy here!