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Explore Our Summer Sales Event

Barbeques, beaches, lakes, parades, vacations, fairs and all sorts of celebrations — we love summer! While you’re enjoying the sunshine, it’s a great time to reward yourself with a bottle of premium Japanese Whisky. It just so happens that we at dekantā are expecting a huge delivery of quality whisky in a few weeks, so […]

New bottles from Ichiro!

You’ve heard about Ichiro Akuto, right? If you haven’t, it’s about time you did! He is a rock star of the Japanese whisky world, and his family have been in the alcoholic brewage making industry since the 1600s. Ichiro’s father ran the Hanyu distillery and began experimenting with whisky making, until his unfortunate bankruptcy. Ichiro […]

Celebrate Dekanta: Unique Bottles

It’s the final day of dekanta’s anniversary celebrations so we thought we’d end with some “unique” bottles that might interest you. These range from bottles shaped as Samurai to musical instruments and more. Take a look at the below selection and find the bottle you like! Nikka G&G Military Commander One thing that often pops […]

Celebrate Dekanta: Yamazaki Day

The Yamazaki is Japan’s most popular single malt whisky; it is also the most exported Japanese whisky, the most award-winning whisky, the most famous whisky, the most, frankly, everything whisky! First sold in 1984 it has since then become a world renowned, being named the best whisky in the world by so many that there […]