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Barbeques, beaches, lakes, parades, vacations, fairs and all sorts of celebrations — we love summer! While you’re enjoying the sunshine, it’s a great time to reward yourself with a bottle of premium Japanese Whisky.

It just so happens that we at dekantā are expecting a huge delivery of quality whisky in a few weeks, so huge in fact, that we are running out of space to store it all! So, to accommodate all this new whisky, we are have to make space, a lot of it. And to do this, we need YOUR Help! We are discounting almost half of our stock in order to make room for more. This is your chance to get a bottle of premium Japanese whisky at a bargain price! How about trying out that bottle you always wanted but have not so far? Stock up for the party, the vacation or whatever you plan to do this summer! We have plenty of bottles on offer. Below are just a few of them, the rest is here!

International Award Winners:

Yamazaki 18 Year Old with two glasses
An award winning Japanese single malt. Yamazaki’s legendary 18-year-old earned a Gold at the 2007 International Spirits Challenge and a Double Gold at the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Being one of Suntory’s most popular products, and among the best whiskies in the workd in our view. This comes with two Yamazaki glasswares, so if you are looking for the right gift, you’ve most definitely found it!

Nikka Taketsuru 25 Year Old
If you are serious about old whiskies, then the Taketsuru 25 Year Old might suit you. This wonderful bottle was released in 2014 by Nikka to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the construction of Yoichi – its first distillery, and the 120th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Masataka Taketsuru. This is a limited edition of the world-renowned and award-winning Taketsuru Pure Malt 21 Year Old, non-chill-filtered, with an alcohol content of 48%. This bottle is out-of-this-world-good, for those who settle for nothing but the very best!

Mars Maltage 28 year Old Pure Malt
The Mars Maltage 28 Year Old is an elite bottle. It was selected as the best-blended malt in the world in 2013, beating runners up, such as Nikka’s Taketsuru (another elite whisky). If you have ever tried it, we are sure that you understand why it has been so successful. This is a whisky that proves that Mars can compete with big boys, such as Nikka and Suntory.

For the Karuizawa lover:

Karuizawa Cask Strength 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th release
The ultimate Karuizawa set! Released for Taiwan only, and containing four bottles of cask strength single malts. Matured in sherry butts and bottled in 1999 and 2000, this makes it among the last bottles from Karuizawa. This is a must for the Karuizawa collector!

Karuizawa Story Ocean Whisky
A beautiful bottle named the Karuizawa Story Ocean Whisky. Like the Hanshin Tigers bottle it is among the more affordable of Karuizawas. Most are so high end that few dare drink them. If you want to try how Karuizawa actually tastes like, then this is a bottle to indulge in!

Hanshin Tigers Whisky Aged 12 Years
In the world of Karuizawa, 2000-3000 USD per bottle is considered cheap, making this probably the most affordable Karuizawa Bottle you will find anywhere, This bottle aged 12 years, is the Hanshin Tigers Central League Champions 2003 Limited Edition. It was bottled in 2003 for the Hanshin Tigers to celebrate them becoming Champions in the All-Nippon Professional Baseball Central League. This is a very rare commodity, which is, like all other Karuizawa bottles, bound to become more valuable as time passes.

For the Nikka lover:

Miyagikyo Fruity and Rich
The Miyagikyo remains one of the more popular whiskies here at dekanta. And this one has been a hit, even more fruity than your average Miyagikyo and not easely found outside Japan. If you want your whisky fruity and rich, then this is the bottle you have been looking for!

Yoichi and Sendai Miyagikyo Original Malt Set
This set includes one bottle of Nikka Yoichi Single Malt Japanese Whisky that was distilled and bottled at The Nikka Whisky Distillery, as well as a bottle of Miyagikyo Original Whisky from the Miyagikyo – Nikka’s second distillery having opened in Sendai in 1969. We recommend this to any whisky connoisseur!

Super Nikka rare old
This is something that should interest all fans of Japanese whisky! A rare, super old Nikka; it is one of Nikka’s classic brands in Japan, which has been a top seller since its introduction in 1962. Taste? A subtle harmony of fruits, with light peat and sherry cask notes. It comes with a beautiful holder that can fit in any collection!

For the Suntory lover:

Yamazaki 2015 Duty Free Limited Edition
Suntory has won more international awards for its whiskies than any other Japanese whisky maker for good reason. The Yamazaki is one of its best whiskies, rising to international prominence in 2013, when Jim Murray named it the best whisky in the world. The following year, it performed even better by winning the international whisky awards, putting the finest Scotch whiskies to shame. This special limited edition, with sweet, smooth, and complex flavours is the perfect gift item.

The Chita Since 1972
The Chita is a part of the new linueup from Suntory, released on September 1st 2015. It is also Suntory´s first new brand in 11 years. The Chita is a grain whisky, bottled at the distillery with the same name. It is excellent for blending and also delicate enough to be enjoyed straight.

Suntory Old Whisky Gift Set
If you havent tried Suntory Old yet, now is the time to do so, we at dekanta actually have quite a collection. This particular gift set comes with very good packaging and two glasses as well.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, in total we have almost 100 discounted bottles, take a look at the entire selection here!