Miniature Bottles: Experience Japanese Whisky

Have you ever wanted to try out a selection of the best whiskies that Japan has to offer, but find the idea of buying a bottle of ‘everything’ a bit of a tall order? If so, we at dekantā have got you covered. Our newly arrived mini sets have been a huge hit with customers; so huge a hit, in fact, that we will probably be busy in the next few months constantly stocking up on them, just to ensure that we have enough.

We have no shortages of miniature bottles, we have sets with the best, we have single bottles and we have a whole boxes of Yamazaki and Hibiki bottles. Let’s take a look:

Suntory Sampler Pack 8 Miniature Bottles
This sampler pack is, in our opinion, the ultimate Suntory pack, containing all of Suntory’s best bottles. Firstly, we have two Hibiki 12 Year Old, which is one of the more popular bottles here at dekantā and an excellent entry point into the world of whisky. But it gets even better, as this pack also contains a Hibiki 17 Year Old! On top of that, we have two Yamazaki 12 Year Olds, being the most popular bottle in our inventory. The set finishes with two bottles of Hakushu 12 Year Old – a fruitier alternative to Yamazaki and truly one of the better whiskies that Japan makes! We wholeheartedly recommend that you try this set to gain a good idea of the best bottles that Suntory has to offer.

Suntory Sampler Pack II – 8 Miniature Bottles
If blended whiskies are more your thing, then this is your set, containing three Hibiki 12 Years Olds, three Hibiki 17 Years Olds, and two Yamazaki 12 Year Olds. This set lacks the Hakushu, which is a single malt.

Suntory Sampler Pack Gift Set with Glassware and bottle pins
This Suntory Sampler Pack Gift Set includes 8 different miniature (50ml) whisky bottles, including 2x Hibiki 12 Year, 2x Hibiki 17 Year, 2x Yamazaki 12 Year, and 2x Hakushu 12 Year. The set also comprises of 3 glassware and 3 bottle pins (Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu). It offers you an awesome chance to taste Suntory’s best whiskies!

The Best of Suntory and Nikka 7 Bottle Set
The ultimate mini set of Japanese whiskies has just arrived! Here, you have the best of Nikka and Suntory´s whiskies, all in a single set. What could be better?

The set includes a beautiful box with seven 50ml bottles: Blended Hibiki 17 years 50 ml, Single malt Yamazaki 12 year 50 ml, Single malt Hakushu 12 years 50 ml, Single malt Yoichi 50 ml, Single malt Miyagikyo 50 ml, Taketsuru pure malt 50 ml, and Super Nikka 50 ml.

Things don’t get much better than this, so seize the opportunity to experience a little of ALL of Japan´s best whiskies!

Nikka Taketsuru 12×12 Year Old Bottles
Named after the father of Japanese whisky and the founder of Nikka, Masataka Taketsuru, you know you have a quality product when the company names their product after its founder. Along with the Yoichi, this is Nikka’s top brand. A whisky with the very finest fragrance, body, and taste.

This set includes 12 5cl mini bottles of Nikka Final Product Taketsuru 12 Year Old in its original, beautiful box.

Hibiki 17 Year Old x 48 miniature bottles in one case
Suntory is the largest and most popular Japanese whisky company; its flagship product, the Hibiki, continues to be in great demand. Bill Murray drank the Hibiki in the movie, Lost in Translation. Named the best blended whisky in the world more often than we can count, If you want to give people a small taste of the best, the  Hibiki 17 Year Old miniature bottle set should be perfect for you! Includes 48 bottles of Hibiki.

And that’s not all. Take a look at our selection here!

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