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Bartender’s choice: The forgotten whisky

When it comes to Japanese whiskies Suntory and Nikka are by far the most famous. Other well known whiskies are Mars whisky from Honbu Shuzo, Ichiro´s Malt from Venture Whisky, and of course Karuizawa from Mercin. Another whiskies which used to be somewhat well known abroad are Kirin Whiskies. Lets talk a little bit about […]


For Londoners who love high-end whisky: The Karuizawa Tasting Event

If you have browsed our collection of bottles, then you know by now that Karuizawa is a high-end product. Dave Broomis hosting a charity event on October 3 to raise money for Nepal in London. Attendants get to taste five rare Karuizawa bottles: Karuizawa 1981 Sherry Cask Karuizawa 29 Year Old Bourbon Cask Karuizawa 30 […]


Marcin Miller – The Number One Whisky Man

  Europe is lucky, it has Marcin Miller, without him there might not be much Japanese whisky on the continent. Marcin Miller is the founder and owner of Number One Drinks, a Europe-wide distributor of fine Japanese whisky such as Chichibu, Hanyu, Kawasaki and Karuizawa. He used to be an editor and published of the […]