For Londoners who love high-end whisky: The Karuizawa Tasting Event

If you have browsed our collection of bottles, then you know by now that Karuizawa is a high-end product.

Dave Broomis hosting a charity event on October 3 to raise money for Nepal in London. Attendants get to taste five rare Karuizawa bottles:

Karuizawa 1981 Sherry Cask

Karuizawa 29 Year Old Bourbon Cask

Karuizawa 30 Year Old Sherry Cask

Karuizawa 1970 42 Year Old Cask

Karuizawa 1983 Cask

If that’s not enough for you already, participants also get to take away a 70cl bottle of the 1983 blend, which has been bottled specifically for this event. Only 50 bottles are in existence, so you can be sure they will be worth a fortune just like every other Karuizawa bottle. We at Dekanta hope to be able to offer a bottle from this event soon!

If you are not familiar with Karuizawa then you should be — the distillery has a cult following among whisky lovers. It was originally set up in the 1950s in a small town with the same name and a climate somewhat similar to Scotland’s.

The distillery imported Golden Promise barley from Scotland, and most of its stock was aged in sherry casks. It is generally agreed among whisky fans that Karuizawa whiskies are world-class, rivaling anything that comes out of Scottish distilleries.

You might have noted the past tense, as unfortunately the distillery closed down in 2011. However, the closure has simply made Karuizawa’s whisky even more coveted as it is now a rare blend. Distributors from Japan to Europe have been fighting in order to secure the remaining stock. By now, the bottles are worth ten times more than they were only a few years ago. The rarest ones sell for over 10.000 USD!

The price for participation? 6000 pounds, but the bottles might very well be worth more than that soon enough! There are only 45 tickets on offer, so click here for more info before the event sells out. If you participate, please send us a line and tell us all about it!