Our favorite novelty bottles

Bottles are bottles are bottles. Or something…but some bottles look distinctly nicer than others. The Japanese are world champions in presenting their products in ingenious packaging. And Japanese Whisky of course is no exception. We at dekanta try our very best to satisfy customers demand for these novelty bottles, below you can see 5 of our favorite ones currently in stock.

Suntory Whisky Royal Violin Bottling

Of all Japanese whisky makers, Suntory really is the master of this platform. Their most popular series is of bottles in the shape of musical instruments. What is your favorite instrument by the way, the accordion? Check! The piano? Check! The saxophone? Check! The violin? We could go on. Our favorite is the violin, both as an instrument and the bottle, however the Saxophone is a close contender. All of these wonderful bottles look perfect on the self, and if you really want to drink the contents, you can always refill…

Nikka G & G Whisky Military Commander

For the history buff and the Samurai lover the Nikka G & G Whisky Military Commander should be the perfect bottle. With the top shaped as a Samurai Helmet and a book-like box to boot, this one is especially popular among whisky drinkers in their 20s. Oh yes and there is also a European knight version if you prefer. Just be sure that the kids don’t get too close to it…

Mild Calsen Special Blended

From the Ji-Whisky maker Toyo Juzo comes this nice, elegant little bottle that some say reminds them of perfume, but dont worry, it doesn’t taste like that! Its actually Toyo Juzo´s finest. If you have not tried this Ji-Whisky maker this is the perfect starting point.

Nikka Bear Mini Bottle Dekanta Set

Nikka, founding its first distillery in the northern island of Hokkaido has always had a thing for bears. Bears were the considered divine by the ingenious Ainu people who used to rule the island until modern times. We think this bottle is charming in all sorts of ways, first because it payed tribute to the Ainu, and secondly because it looks very nice in its own right!

Hanshin Tigers series of bottles

This might not be everyone´s cup of tea but if you are a baseball fan, let alone fan of Japanese basebal this is your bottle. In case you did not know the Japanese are mad for baseball, there is a whole series of these bottles with every team member of the Hanshin Tigers! And if you have it, you can probably sell it for more in a few years! And even if you dont like baseball very much, the contents of the bottle are from Karuizawa!