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Fukuoka Whisky Talk 2017 – The Highlights

On June 18th, during the height of summer, on Japan’s most southerly island, Kyushu, the annual Fukuoka Whisky Talk festival was held. The city of Fukuoka is known for many things: The infamous Hakata ramen; its exciting nightlife; and many wonderful luxurious, underground bars. While the largest concentration of whisky events throughout the year are […]

Interview With Ichiro Akuto – The Japanese Whisky Rockstar of Chichibu Distillery

Today marks an extremely exciting day at dekanta as we bring one of our most interesting interviews to date! Ichiro Akuto, known as the rockstar of the Japanese whisky industry, has allowed us to ask him a few questions about his distillery, Chichibu, and the amazing whiskies they are creating there. I doubt I’m alone […]

The “Revival” Of Japanese Whisky

We recently  discussed the current shortage of well-aged Japanese whisky on both the Japanese and global market in The “Death” of Age-Statement Japanese Whisky To summarize, Japanese whisky distillers didn’t expect the quick and rapidly growth that came with the Japanese whisky boom, and so, didn’t place enough whisky in barrels several decades ago. This […]

japanese whisky rising

Interview With The Author of Whisky Rising – The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan

Just over a month ago, to mark the coming of spring, one of the most well-researched, in-depth books on Japanese whisky to date was published. On the 4th of April 2017, “Whisky Rising – The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan” hit online bookstores worldwide, easily purchasable from Amazon and other […]

Tokyo International BarShow 2017 – Everything You Need To Know

It was raining on the 13th of May, Saturday morning, but that wasn’t enough to stop the hordes of whisky fans from getting to the Tokyo International BarShow 2017. Umbrellas started to queue a few hours before kick-off, and we were ushered into the main hall at exactly 11.00 am, a feat which demonstrated the […]

Japanese Distillery Revival

¥38 Million Raised Through Crowdfunding for Japanese Distillery Revival

Wakatsuru Shuzo Co. Ltd., a Japanese sake brewery over a century old, obtained its license to distil whisky in 1952 and went on to build the only distillery in the Hokuriku region.  Unfortunately, the distillery struggled financially, and the distillery building itself fell apart. The company had to shut down its whisky production, but things […]