The Tokyo Whisky Festival 2017 Approaches

I’m dreaming of a white Chr… Tokyo Whisky Festival. *Sings*.

It’s that time of the year when we check our naughty and nice list and decide who we’ll be taking to this year’s Tokyo Whisky Festival. After all, it’s the event of the year for fans of Japanese whisky.

The event will take place on Sunday, November 26th, at the BelleSalle banquet facilities in Takadanobaba, Tokyo.

With over 60 booths, attendees will be able to meet all their favourite producers while sampling some exciting new whiskies. The exhibitors this year include Suntory, Nikka, Chichibu, Mars Shinshu, Wakatsuru, Nagahama, and many, many more!

Seminars held on the day will include a talk by Suntory’s master blender, Shinjiro Torii, a seminar on the progress of the Akkeshi distillery, and a class with Nikka’s chief blender, Tadashi Sakuma. The seminar tickets have long sold out, showing that this year’s event will be a busy one indeed.

Last but not least, to celebrate the festival’s 10th year, a limited Chichibu distillery cask bottling will be sold at the event.



The whisky was distilled in 2011 and matured in an ex-Hanyu cask until October 2017 when it was bottled. At 59.9% cask strength, this single cask expression is expected disappear very quickly, come event day.

Sold exclusively at the event, the release will be purchasable using reservation tickets.

Based on the success of previous years, the festival is expected to be amazing, but the recent Chichibu cask has built anticipation even further.

With only a few weeks to go, we wonder if more exciting news will be announced.  See you there!