The Holidays Kick-Off – Japanese Whisky Hampers, Competitions, & More

The holidays are closing in fast and, with Japanese whisky at the forefront, our team here at dekantā wanted to create something extra special for all our wonderful customers.

After some good old-fashioned brainstorming, we realized that our customers love Japanese whisky but probably also enjoy the culture and traditions of the country.

Also, its gift-giving season and many will want to go that extra bit further for the ones they love.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the dekantā specials to look out for this Christmas.


Japanese Whisky Hampers

You read that right, we’ve launched our very own Japanese whisky hampers.

In small, medium, and large sizes, you can choose your very own hamper, filled with goodies from Japan. Chocolates, candy, jam from Hokkaido, and accessories from some of our favourite distilleries will be included in the pack.

We’ve got a list of whisky bottles to accompany the hamper, so choose a favourite and get going.

Each size upgrade adds one extra bottle to the set and a few more accessories.

With the small hamper, you’ll get a whisky bottle. The medium size adds a lovely bottle of Japanese wine to the mix, and the large one throws a wonderful brandy bottle for those cosy winter nights by the fire.

Only want the whisky? Then it’s our awesome Japanese whisky advent calendar for you!

We also just launched our new tasting sets, with 12 amazing bottles leading up to Christmas. There’s also a Karuizawa sample in there.


Festive Social Media Competitions

While you enjoy your hamper treats we wanted you to be entertained! So, we’re arranged a few fun, interactive social media competitions to get everyone into a festive mood.

Here’s what we have for you all:

Festive Overdose

The prize – dekantā Japanese Spirits Collection. Got your attention?

The rules of the competition are simple.

Take a picture of your new or existing Japanese whisky bottle. The catch is that it needs to be dressed and decorated to the max! In keeping with the competition name, Festive Overdose, we want to see you all go extremely overboard.

Fake snow, a real-life reindeer, Santa’s elf (if you can find one), decorations, ribbons, snowmen, we want to see it all, with your bottle in amongst it all.

Just how festive can your Japanese whisky bottle get?

For those of you who have ordered from dekantā recently, surprise! Your order will include a small Insta-ready kit, with guidelines and a few props to make your bottle extra festive. For those who haven’t ordered recently, you’re on your own but we believe in you!

Once your picture is ready, post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtags #FestiveOverdose or #DekantaXmas, or go nuts and use both.

Stuck for ideas?

Imagine this – you find the cave where the Grinch stores all the stolen Christmas presents and decorations. You place your bottle amongst the festive delights and snap a shot.

The main prize is one of our dekantā Japanese Spirits Collection, but you’ve got to be in it to win it!

The dekantā People’s Choice 2017

We love all brands of Japa
nese whisky, but we wanted to see which one our loyal customers and friends love the very most!

Throughout the festive period, all the way up to New Year, people can vote for their favourite Japanese whisky brand through an emoticon-based voting system on Facebook.

That sounded complicated. Basically, click the like, heart, laughing, or whichever emoticon corresponds to the brand you hold dearest.

The holidays are all about spreading the love, so let’s see who gets the most :D

That’s all for now, everybody. Keep your eyes peeled as we may just release some last minute holiday surprises leading up to Christmas.

Happy holidays!