Japan Rocks The 2017 World Whiskies Awards

Last week the results for this year’s World Whiskies Awards were released, showing the world which whiskies are truly the best of the best. Japanese whiskies have performed particularly well in recent years, so expectations were high here at dekantā, and we have not been disappointed.

Japan received 3 awards in the very competitive categories of the World’s Best competition, making it the strongest country involved in the competition this year.

Competing against world-renowned distilleries in the categories of the world’s best single cask single malt, the world’s best blended, and the world’s best grain whisky, Japanese whisky rose above and beyond, further raising the bar and reputation for the golden spirit worldwide.

According to the judges, the competition was especially fierce this year, with many European and American distilleries presenting some wonderful whiskies, as they pursued the top awards. With hundreds of whiskies to choose from, selecting the winners was tough, but in the end some whiskies simply rose above the others.

World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt – Chichibu Whisky Matsuri 2017

In a category full of world whisky titans, the small Chichibu distillery, based in Saitama just outside Tokyo, managed to overcame fierce competition with this wonderfully deep and balanced bottle produced for the annual Chichibu Whisky Festival.

The limited release comes in at 60 per cent abv, so prepare for a contradictory smooth intensity found in this release.

Follow the link above for a set of the winning 2017 and the 2016 release. Compare and enjoy these Japanese wonders.

World’s Best Blended – Hibiki 21 Year-Old

Okay, this one doesn’t really come as a surprise, as this is the fifth, yes fifth time, Hibiki 21 Year-Old has taken home the World’s Best Blended Whisky award.

From its awards alone, one can surmise that this is nothing but an exceptional whisky. This Hibiki release is blend of only rare and perfectly aged malt and grain whiskies aged over 21 years. The expertise of the cask selection brings the blends together beautifully, giving the world this globally known blend.

If you want something a little more limited than the original release above check out our Hibiki 21 Year-Old Mount Fuji Limited Edition. There’s no better presentation for such a delicious whisky.

World’s Best Grain – The Fuji-Gotemba Distillery Single Grain 25 Year-Old Small Batch

By one of the world’s largest operating distilleries, this is the second year in a row this Fuji-Gotemba release tops the World’s Best Grain Whisky category.

For the lovers of grain whisky, with its distinct, sweet, and ethereal character, then this is the bottle for you. Check out our available Fuji-Gotemba bottles here.

Best Japanese Single Malt – Hakushu 25 Year-Old

Having established that Japan is a leading producer of whisky, which one is the best from a category full of spectacular whiskies?

Last but not least, Hakushu 25 Year-Old wins in the Best Japanese Single Malt category for the third time, having received the award in 2016, and 2009.

Extremely rare, and bursting with the peated flavour most commonly found in Islay malts, this whisky is one the best whiskies available in Japan.

Or choose this extremely rare limited release of Hakushu 25, which captures the essence of Japanese hospitality with the addition of a five chord Mizuhiki which symbolizes the giver and the recipient joining hands and heart.


So why not treat yourself to one of our many award-winning whiskies from dekantā today?

We also challenge you to predict the winners of next year’s World Whiskies Awards competition – which exceptional Japanese whiskies are in the running for the top prizes?