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Yamazaki Mizunara Oak - From Whisky To Wine

Yamazaki Mizunara Oak – From Whisky To Wine

The rarity of Japanese mizunara oak is sung across the whisky world. In recent years many have utilized the category, in the hopes of adding an element of luxury to their whisky. Islay’s great Bowmore distillery released a mizunara expression in 2013 which, to no surprise, quickly sold out and skyrocketed in price on the […]


The Yamazaki 50 Year-Old Breaks World Record, Again

Another year has brought another world-record set by Japanese whisky, as the Yamazaki distillery has, once again, been put under the global spotlight. On January 27th, the Yamazaki 50 Year-Old (2011 Edition) was showcased in Sotheby’s fine and rare auction in Hong Kong. One lucky buyer added the bottle to his collection with his astonishing […]

Enter The Essence of Suntory Whisky

If your New Year’s resolution was to cut back on whisky, well, you’re out of luck. Just 10 days into 2018, Suntory has officially announced the launch of a brand new range of whiskies. The 3 expressions are set to launch on February 27th, 2018. So far, there has been no mention of international distribution. […]

Top Whiskies You’ll Only Find In Japan.. And At dekantā

You know it, we know it, and more people are coming to realize it – Japanese whisky rocks. Unique, harmonious, and innovative, the Japanese whisky industry is growing at a rapid speed. Some expressions by the largest producers are available all around the world, and smaller producers are working hard with their eye towards the horizon […]

Japanese Whisky Trends at The Whisky Show 2017

Over the weekend, one of biggest, most popular whisky events of the year took place in London: The Whisky Show 2017. dekantā was, of course, in attendance, and we’re here to give all those who couldn’t make it an inside look at the event. Now in its ninth year, the event took place in Old […]

Suntory & Nikka Rock The International Spirits Challenge 2017

We realize that Japanese whisky winning multiple awards in international spirit competitions is quite the norm nowadays, but, nonetheless, we simply love broadcasting the latest award for Japanese whisky to the world, in the hopes of reaching someone who doesn’t yet know how great the drams from Japan really are. Enter the International Spirits Challenge […]

Inside Suntory’s Cask Management

What makes a whisky great? Is it the barley used during production, the pot stills used to distil it, or the quality of the water taken from the earth? Put simply, all of the above contribute greatly to the dram in your glass, however, many experts suggest that the casks used and period of maturation […]

Japanese Whisky Drams

A Dram From Japan – Whisky Shop W. Yamazaki WSO-007

Before anyone gets too excited, this isn’t a James Bond release under the 007 code name, even though we strongly believe that all the great Bonds, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, would enjoy a dram of this exceptional whisky. With that explanation out of the way, we’re pleased to present a brand new series […]

Facts of Suntory Whisky

7 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Suntory Whisky

If you’re a fan of whisky in general, then odds are you’ve heard of Suntory. Actually, even if you aren’t a fan of whisky you’ve probably heard the name in passing somewhere. The company is, after all, the third largest drinks company in the world. They manage many brands, including Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and […]