Suntory Announces New Japanese Wine Range

On September 4th, 2018, Suntory will be releasing the latest vintages in some of their most popular wine ranges and adding to the booming category of Japanese wine.

Along with Suntory’s Tomi No Oka winery, their Shiojiri site has led the companies to success in the wine world, often winning awards at both domestic and global competitions. At the Japan Wine Competition last year, Suntory wine won 5 Gold Medals, 2 of which were given to Shiojiri wines. With a focus on domestic grape production and quality control across its brands, Suntory wine is continuing to grow.

The latest announcement introduces 4 new vintages.

Shiojiri Merlot 2015

The latest Shiojiri Merlot 2015 claims to deliver delicate notes of cassis and smoke, with rich tannins and a pleasant sweetness.

Iwaderahara Merlot 2015

Another addition to Suntory’s exciting Merlot that is made using only grapes from the Iwaderahara region of Shiojiri City. Maturation is oak barrels bring a subtle touch of vanilla to the wine, which red fruit and wood delivers immense depth and richness.

Shiojiri Merlot Rosé 2017

For those in warm destinations, September will be the perfect time to enjoy the new, refreshing Shiojiri rosé made with Merlot grapes. The company notes prepare drinkers for aromas of soft white peaches and juicy apples, followed by thick honey. A natural sweetness and freshness are found on the palate.

Shiojiri Muscat Bailey A 2016

The Muscat Bailey A grape variety is one of the few Japanese varieties created and cultivated domestically. The wine delivers sweet and sour notes, a top oak, red fruit jam, and cassis. A must for aficionados of purely Japanese wine.

Keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders of these exciting new Japanese wines. More information and tasting notes to follow.