The Yamazaki 50 Year-Old Breaks World Record, Again

Another year has brought another world-record set by Japanese whisky, as the Yamazaki distillery has, once again, been put under the global spotlight.

On January 27th, the Yamazaki 50 Year-Old (2011 Edition) was showcased in Sotheby’s fine and rare auction in Hong Kong. One lucky buyer added the bottle to his collection with his astonishing bid of US$298,879.

The final bid was a shock to all, especially those who followed last year’s auction of the first-edition Yamazaki 50 Year-Old (2005 Edition). Again in Hong Kong, sold as part of the Poly Auction’s Prestige Collection, the bottle sold for a huge US$129,000. At least, at the time, we thought it was huge.

The 2005 edition sale broke the world-record of the most expensive standard sized bottle of whisky to sell at auction. Now, the recent sale, amounting to around $300,000, has reached far beyond that. Needless to say, the record has once again been broken.

Paul Wong, specialist, Sotheby’s Wine, Asia speaks to the Drinks Business concerning the sale.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the new world auction record set by the Yamazaki Aged 50 Years, the highest price achieved for any single bottle of Japanese Whisky, illustrating a whisky market in full swing.”

The Glory of Yamazaki

The result of half a century in a barrel is almost unheard of in the Japanese whisky industry, amidst skyrocketing global demand and low supply of aged stock.

Distilled after WWII by the Yamazaki, Japan’s oldest and most popular commercial distillery, these bottles have survived through summers and winters, snowstorms and heat waves, carefully monitored by the greatest minds in the Japanese whisky industry.

Most releases under the Yamazaki range tend to sell out immediately, however, the three editions of the Yamazaki 50 occupy their very own category in the industry. The year started with the announcement on the new, artistic Essence of Suntory bottlings. Now, Suntory has once again been added to the list of the most expensive and rare whisky bottles in the world.

At dekanta, we are overjoyed to offer all three Yamazaki 50 Year-Old editions, for anyone looking to take their whisky collection to the next level. Feel free to get in touch concerning pricing, tasting notes, or any other information.