The Karuizawa 35 Year-Old The Cities of Japan – Inside The Ballot

The Cities of Japan bottlings are much more than whisky. The bottlings embody the land of the rising sun, each bottle capturing a city that stands out across the land, offering a deep look into Japanese culture.

Start off in Osaka, within the vibrant, edgy streets, lined with food stands and surrounded by laughter. Pass by Kobe, taking in the shopping districts, always bustling with young, stylish people who put fashion first. Catch a glimpse of the underrated Nagoya city, and taste its wonderful food culture.

Reach the bright, colourful lights of Tokyo, and explore an entirely new world. When a break from the big city is needed, take a trip down to the tranquil, gorgeous Yokohama, where a walk around can lift your spirits higher than you knew a stroll could.

Finally, travel north the snowy land of Hokkaido, to fresh seafood, decadent cuisine, snowy nights, and warm people.Lazy

If your travels haven’t yet taken you to Japan, the Karuizawa 35 Year-Old – Cities of Japan aims to do just that. Just take a sip, and close your eyes.

The Ballot Results & Coverage

We were overjoyed to hold our very first ballot at dekanta for this exclusive Karuizawa release.

With only 150 bottles available and immeasurable demand for whisky from the lost distillery of Karuizawa, we felt that option was the fairest way to distribute the bottles. Even if it’s small, everyone deserves a chance to own their very own piece of Japanese whisky history.

The results of the ballot were spectacular and rose beyond our greatest expectations. In total, we received over 3,300 entries, from whisky lovers all over the world, eager to get their hands on one of these historic bottles.

Winners will be chosen randomly and emailed directly. If an entrant is unable to purchase the bottle, we will move on to the next entry.

LazyWe want to send out our warmest thanks and wishes to all the fans who entered the ballot. We wish there were more bottles for those who don’t get one, but alas, a cask can only hold so much whisky.

In terms of coverage, a huge thank you to the publications who covered the ballot, namely Forbes, The Spirits Business, and Elite Traveler.

Notes of Japan

The labels feature the cities, the sleek bottle shape invites you in, but what are you to expect once the bottle is opened?

The nose is dark and rich, opening up with notes of dark liquorice, roasted coffee beans, and dark sugar. Aromas of cinnamon and ginger enter once the darkness has faded slightly. The spice moves on to the palate, joined by rich, dark chocolate, meaty umami, and succulent forest fruit.

Prunes, dates, and plums intensify nearing the finish, which comes in long and satisfying, with cocoa, spice, and a touch of mango.


Once again, we thank you all deeply for entering.

To the winners, we’re always available throughout the process and assure you that your new bottle will get to you quickly, to be added to your collection.

To everyone else, we understand the blues will be strong here, but pour yourself a dram and keep an eye out, there’s more excitement on the horizon!