Suntory: Bottles and Glassware

We at dekantā have been quite busy in recent days and weeks coming up with new products for our customers. Many of them write to us with requests on items they would like to purchase and recently, we got a request for glassware, original Japanese whisky glasses to go with the whisky.

It goes without saying that we at dekantā did comply! We now offer some of your favorite bottles, namely Yamazaki 12 and 18 year old and Hakushu 12 and 18 year old with specially marked cups. If only to prove that you have tried some of the best whiskies in the planet! See our sets below and pick the one you like!

The Yamazaki 12 Year Old
LazyPerhaps our most popular bottle, the Yamazaki 12 Year Old is true delight, it is so popular here at dekantā that it would be no exaggeration to say we spend a good amount of time stocking up on it. It has won at least five gold medals at international competitions (including a double gold), and is, in short, pretty fantastic! If you like whisky, you love this. Period.

Nose: Cinnamon and apple are the first smells that come to mind.
Palate: Body is medium. Vanilla and apple come to mind. Wonderfully sweet.
Finish: Some pineapple notes, we’d say. Not too long; not too short.

The Yamazaki 18 Year Old
LazyIf Yamazaki 12 Year Old is the most popular kid at the block this is the elite! It has won so many awards that is puts most other whiskies to shame, including a gold every year since 2003 with the exception of 2004. In total, it has collected some 13 awards. It is also a favorite of ours at dekantā, as it is, in one word, stunning!

Nose: Thick, oily, and sweet. We can spend hours smelling it!
Palate: Very agreeable texture. Some nuts, honey, and smokiness, too.
Finish: Long and dry (in a good sense), complex, and very enjoyable.

We can’t recommend this whisky enough, nor can judges at all of the whisky competitions!

The Hakushu 12 Year Old
LazyThe Hakushu is the ‘other’ Suntory distillery, supplying us with parts of the whisky that goes into the Hibiki as well as its very own Hakushu, one of the worlds greatest. Milder than the Yamazaki, some like it even better. A must try, and here with two glasses!

The Hakushu 18 Year Old
If there is anything better than a Hakushu 12 Years Old, it’s hakushu 18! An absolutely world class whisky in every sense of the word. If you like only the highest class, this is your bottle, and it comes with two Suntory made Hakushu glasses!