Samuri Army Bottle Invasion

What do people think of when they think of Japan? It’s difficult to answer that question, Japan being the cultural superpower that it is all sorts of things come to mind. Some think of pop culture items such as anime and manga, for others it is sushi or perhaps sake. Then there is Toyota, Mitsubishi, cherry blossoms, Geishas etc, the list is long.

Another thing that often pops to mind are the Samurai, Japan’s traditional warriors. There is something about these warriors, their beautifully decorated armor and helmets, their code of honor, and their out of this world awesome swords, little wonder that people are infatuated with the Samurai. And because of that, there is little wonder that people appreciate Nikka’s G&G Military History bottles, these awesome bottles are a hit, especially among young whisky lovers.

We at dekantā are constantly looking for more and more of these bottles and recently we hit the jackpot, as we found not just one, but a whole army! We now probably have the largest collection of these bottles you are likely to find anywhere! So, if you are a fan of Samurai warriors, or if you like beautifully decorated bottles that will look wonderful in any collection, we got you covered!


Nikka Gold And Gold Military Samurai Commander