Festive Decorations You Can Drink

Most than once, amidst the endless toils of Christmas decorating, we’ve all thought about pausing and enjoying a dram. This is especially true if your loved one has the decorating talents of one of Santa’s elves, and untangling Christmas lights is not your forte.

Well, this Christmas is going to be extra special, featuring festive decorations that are full of whisky. Ornaments, stylish ceramic containers, odds are your other half will love these gems on the shelf and you’ll love the contents within.

Luckily, Japanese producers love creating unique containers for their most popular ranges, especially the giants, Suntory and Nikka. Let’s take a peek at the ornaments to visually and sensually please you this holiday season. Enter our drink decorations! 


Suntory Whisky Royal Pottery Bottle

The Suntory Royal is one of the most premium blended ranges produced by the company. The Royal was released in 1960, to commemorate the company’s 60th anniversary.

Yet, what makes this release so special, is that it was founder Shinjiro Torii’s final creation, before he handed the company over to his son.

For all the music lovers out there, this gorgeous container will add a touch of class to any guitar wall, record collection, or vinyl player.


Suntory Special Reserve Bird Set

For those of you who aren’t aware, the people over at Suntory seem to really like birds. For decades they have released annual expressions for golf tournaments, exhibitions, and large events, and the containers are usually shaped as birds.

From eagles to parrots, they’ve done it all. Yet, of all the Suntory bird bottlings, these little see-through guys are by far the cutest and most stylish.

If your spouse is complaining about you whisky consumption over the holiday period, hand her these little beauties and watch her heart melt.


Nikka Whisky Tsuru 17 Years Old

The Nikka Tsuru ceramic container has always been a personal favourite of mine.

The elegant shape, subtle engravings of cranes, and the long slender neck definitely add to the luxury of the expression, and make you feel extra special when pouring yourself a dram.

Add the subtle, smooth, and incredibly deep character of the 17 year-old Nikka whisky within and you have yourself a winner.

Place it over the fireplace or on your home bar, and let guests enjoy this great conversation piece.


Suntory Whisky Royal Barrel Shape 

Okay, this one is amazing! However, the catch is that both you and your other half need a love of whisky to truly appreciate this unique piece.

If you both love whisky, this little barrel will look amazing by the tree, near the fireplace, or on the dining table. The box it comes with can be decorated and reused, as can the little stand that comes with it.


Super Nikka “Lucky Chicken” Whisky

It’s hard to remain impartial, but chickens are cool. This one won’t be for everyone, but I’d definitely put this little guy on my tree.

Plus it’s a lucky chicken, so that changes everything.


Suntory Yamazaki Pure Malt Long Life Ceramic Bottle

Featuring a festive colour scheme, kanji, and a very Japanese exterior, this ceramic bottle will add that exotic touch of festivity to your home.

Containing the rare, best-selling Yamazaki Pure Malt whisky from 1996, this is an expression perfect for connoisseurs and collectors alike.

The bottling was made in collaboration with a famous Japanese ceramic company, and the kanji on the bottle translates to “long life”.


Nikka Arita Yaki Malt & Grain Ceramic Bottle

In the shape of a gorgeous vase, many would buy this beauty just for the container.

Made in collaboration with one of the most well-known ceramics companies in Japan, this floral container holds premium grain and malt whisky by Nikka, from their Yoichi and Miyagikyo plants.

Arita ceramics are vastly collected throughout Japan. Often, the country’s whisky producers collaborate with the most popular companies on new releases.

That’s it for our favourite decorations you can drink.

If you have any of these up around your house, dress them with festivity and snap a picture. Then you can enter our Festive Overdose competition and be in to win a whole set of Japanese spirits!