Whisky Live Tokyo 2015

In the world of whisky, Whisky Live is one of the most exciting happenings. First held in Tokyo in 2000, this festival celebrating whisky has now expanded to other major cities including London, Paris, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Singapore and others. This year’s Tokyo live festival is about to kick off. All the major players in the Japanese whisky industry will be well represented, as will major distilleries from the U.S. Europe, Australia and elsewhere. The festival is a chance for whisky merchants, makers, journalists and hobbyists to meet and exchange views. Visitors will get to sample some of the greatest whiskies in the world, get up close with new brands and products, hear the scoop on what’s upcoming in the whisky world and meet the stars from Nikka, Suntory and everybody else. You can count on dekantā being there!

Whisky Live Tokyo is happening this coming Saturday, Sept. 19 from noon–18:00 at Akiba Square in Akibara. Over 8,000 people are expected to attend, including special guest Dave Broom, an award-winning whisky critic. That’s not all: The night before the festival there will be a small Tokyo Live party at the Park Hotel Tokyo. Admission to this party is limited to 200 people.

Standard ticket: 5,000 JPY in advance, 6,000 JPY at the door
Premium ticket (limited 50): 10,000 JPY in advance. Includes access to the Christofle room, a special venue where guests can enjoy limited premium bottles.

Order your tickets through the Whisky Mag.