The Only Whisky Ever to Get Full Marks!

We at dekantā have written about the Hibiki, the Hakushu, the Yoichi, the Taketsuru, as well as many other whiskies. Writing about the Miyagikyo has been on our to-do list for a while, and with the Miyagikyo being without a doubt one of the better whiskies in our inventory, it is quite unfortunate that we haven’t released a write-up on it until now.

Miyagikyo is the only whisky (and alcoholic drink for that matter) that Kara Newman, one of the editors of, has given a perfect score of 100 out of 100. Kara, in her own words “discovered perfection” in the Miyagikyo, and described the whisky as being a “balanced mix of honey, fresh apples, vanilla, delicate smoke, a touch of espresso on the finish. It’s firing on all cylinders.”

The Miyagikyo was Nikka’s second distillery, and opened back in 1969. Japan signed the GATT agreement a few years earlier, resulting in imported alcohol being cheaper than ever. Scotch and Bourbon were giving Japanese whisky makers serious competition, and Nikka thought it necessary to diversify its production as a means to increase its marketing share. Hokkaido, based in Yoichi, was Nikka’s only distiller at the time and made whisky often described as being similar to highland whisky. However, Nikka’s aim was to make whisky in the spirit of lowland whisky. Miyagikyo opened only a few years later.

Miyagikyo whiskies tend to be light and fruity, receiving awesome reviews from everyone who tries them. At dekantā, we currently only have a single bottle left of the 12 year old – a special edition bottle, presented in a wooden box. Another no less exceptional bottle is the Miyagikyo rich and fruity bottle. And if you still aren’t sure whether to take the plunge, and would prefer to start with just a small tipple, then the 50ml bottle, with its very agreeable price tag, might be just be the bottle for you! What are you waiting for? Grab it now!