Our favorite Nikka whiskies

Nikka is a wonderful company, as the lives work of Masataka Taketsuru is holds a special place in the history of Japanese whisky and many wonderful products have come from them. We at dekantā thought we’d present to you out favorite whiskies we currently have from Nikka.

Yoichi 12 year old
The Yoichi comes from Nikka’s oldest distillery, also named Yoichi, located in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. A long time favorite of Japanese whisky lovers and one of Nikka’s finest product.
As Japanese whiskies go, a powerful taste defines Yoichi as well as peaty, smoky taste. Whiskies from this distillery often remind whisky lovers of whiskies from the northern regions of Scotland.

Taketsuru 15 year old
Another excellent product from Nikka, this one is named after the founder of the company, Masataka Taketsuru and you known when a company names a product after its founder, it wants to make it good. The Taketsuru is characterized by being extremely smooth and full bodied. A wonderfully easy to drink whisky.

Miyagikyo 12 year old
The Miyagikyo was Nikka’s second distillery, opened back in 1969 a few hours north of Tokyo. The whisky made there is milder and more fruity than that from the harsh climate of Hokkaido and in fact many people think it reminds them of Scotch lowland whisky. If you like your whisky fruity then this is for you.

Black Nikka
Black Nikka is a whisky you will see in every convenience store in Japan. With the characteristic Nikka logo it would be hard to miss. Its not quite up in the same league as the Yoichi or Taketsuru, but is surprisingly good for its grade. A very mild and easy to drink whisky, if you are on a tight budget be sure to try it out.

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky
Every major distillery needs a grain whisky as this is Nikka’s. Made with Coffey Column stills which is quite rare these days which gives a distinctive taste many claim is unrivaled, and at a price like this you just got to give it a try!