Nikka Launch World Blended Whisky – The Nikka Session

This week, we’re delighted to welcome a brand new expression from Japanese whisky legends, Nikka, into our online store, and we have to say, this is one of the most promising releases from the drinks giant in recent years. 

Plagued by the on-going whisky shortage, Nikka have struggled to keep up with demand for their most popular expressions, such the Coffey Malt and Grain whiskies, and age-statement expressions from their Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. To their credit, they have managed to maintain some level of consumer interest throughout, with small batch limited edition releases, but these have been few and far between, and occasionally very pricey.

Now, they look to have taken a leaf out of rival Suntory’s book with the release of a world blended whisky. Suntory took a step into the World Whisky category with the AO in April 2019 and it was a huge hit with fans around the world. Batch 2, which arrived in October of the same year, was equally successful. 

The fact that Nikka have chosen to follow in the footsteps of Suntory in this way is a great thing for Japanese whisky. Of course, it means we have an exciting new release to try, but it also signals continued momentum towards better transparency and possibly new, tighter regulations in the industry. 

Nikka Session


Coming in a stunning matte blue bottle, with musically inspired art and the title “Session” adorned across the label, this world blended whisky was created from spirit produced at the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries, masterfully blended together with whisky from Scotland’s hugely famous Ben Nevis distillery.

The provenance of the liquid is hard to argue with, hailing from what could be classed as three of the best distilleries in the world today. If we combine that with the fact that Nikka have been experts at creating delectable, complex and well-balanced blends for decades now, the Session ticks all the boxes. 

As Nikka’s first world blended whisky, it’s fitting that it should be a marriage of spirit from Japan and Scotland, 100 years on from the marriage of Nikka founder Mastataka Taketsuru, and his beloved Scottish wife, Rita Cowan. It’s a beautiful nod to those that made it all possible, while showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and a thriving industry at the same time.

According to Nikka, we can expect fresh aromas of oranges and apples, combined with a sweetness and fragrance of malt and gentle vanillins on the nose. The palate will bring a smooth and creamy tongue feel, alongside a beautiful blend of light sweetness and the soft fruitiness of oak. The finish is said to be slightly bitter with slowly fading peat.

Launching in late September, Nikka Session is set up to be a truly memorable release that will be enjoyed by everyone. As a limited release specifically for the Japanese market, the first batch of bottles surely won’t last long. 

Pre-order yours online today to be one of the first to get your hands on this exquisite marriage of some of the very best spirits from Japan and Scotland. Worldwide delivery available.  

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