New from Mars: The Lucky Cat!

Cats are lucky (they’ve got nine lives and all) and they tend to live pretty cushy, comfortable lives, their duties mostly consisting of purring, being petted, and listening to people gush about their adorableness. Compare that to dogs who spend all their lives obeying orders and being scolded it they don’t.

And why exactly are we talking about cats on a whisky blog? Because cats and whisky both make one feel more relaxed? Very true, but the main reason is that the owner of Mars distillery owns a cat, whom he likes so much that he’s dedicated a whole series of whisky to his feline companion. (With an owner that passionate, you know your whisky is in good hands!)

This new series is called The Lucky Cat “Sun” Port & Madeira Cask Finish. As you can probably guess, this blended whisky is finished in port wine and Madeira casks, with an alcohol content of 39%. It’s straight out of the cask, non-chill filtered, and we think it’s quite wonderful. And with only 1,200 bottles released, The Lucky Cat might just become rare one day!

What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle now!

The Lucky Cat ‘Sun’ Port & Madeira Cask Finish