More awesome new bottles!

You should know by now that, at dekantā, we have are extremely passionate about our collector’s items, and are constantly busy stocking up on them, now more than ever! In late January, we showed you some of our newest bottles, and since then, we have acquired even more.

Take a look at these special bottles that we think you’ll love:

Suntory Special Reserve Expo 85 – 3 Bird Set

You don’t have to be a whisky fan to agree that this set is simply beautiful. Consisting of three cutely shaped bird bottles that certainly aren’t large in size, we’d advise you look elsewhere if you are in need of a drink to fuel a good night out. If, on the other hand, you’d like a nice shelf or window decoration, then look no further. This Suntory Special Reserve is a limited edition, being bottled back in 1985, and is, in fact, an incredibly sound investment.

Nikka White Oax Zodiac Bottle

Nikka and Suntory both produce zodiac bottles, and continue to outdo one another with every release. This bottle from Nikka celebrates the Year of the Ox (note will change the name of the bottle before publishing). This whisky is beautifully presented in a detailed ceramic bottle, so if you’re a collector of zodiac bottles, then this is perfect for you.

Suntory Royal Open Golf Tournament 2002 – Aged 15 Years

The Japanese love a good game of golf. If that comes as a surprise, then why not take a look at this, and this? This is our newest edition to the Suntory golf bottle set and is perhaps the best one yet. Not only is it colorful and well-detailed, but the bottle sits alongside a rather noble-looking eagle. This is an exceptionally special bottle that would look pretty on your shelf.

Super Nikka Whisky Rare Old

Here is something that should interest all fans of Japanese whisky! Delivered in an attractive presentation box, this bottle contains Super Nikka Whisky – one of Nikka’s classic brands in Japan and a top seller since its introduction in 1962. And its taste? A subtle harmony of fruits, with light peat, and sherry cask notes take hold of this outstanding whisky. This is a bottle that looks so good that we’d rather keep it on the shelf than drink it!

Ichiro’s Malt Queen of Spades 1990

And finally something really rare! Ichiro’s Malt has an enormous cult following. Its card series is highly sought after as a collector’s item all over the world, it goes without saying that the aces, the Jokers and the royalty cards are the most sought after ones. Here, we present the Queen of Spades, truly bottle for the collector, the investor, or for those simply wanting to impress. The bottle was first matured in a hogshead, then aged up to 19 years in a port pipe before it was bottled last 2009. We are extremely lucky to have acquired this bottle which should be considered an investment!