Introducing the Hibiki: a taste of excellence

Suntory’s the Hibiki is one of the more celebrated brands of Japanese whisky. It is a premium category product which has won over 30 international awards since 2004, including the Hibiki 21 years old being nominated as the world´s best blended whisky at the world whisky awards in 2013. Suntory is rightly proud of its award winning formula and we at Dekanta thought we should do our part in introducing it to lovers of high quality whisky.

The Hibiki has been on the market since 1989 when the Hibiki 17 years old single malt was launched. Currently 12, 17, 21 and 30 years old are on the offer. Plenty of limited editions of Hibiki exist including a piano shaped bottle, a horn shaped one and a telephone shaped one to name only the most creative designs.

Hibiki means resonance, or echo in Japanese, the whisky is described by the experts a being very fruity, reminding one of oranges, marmalade, plumbs, even apple pie. It furthermore has an aroma of nougat, almonds or sponge cake. The palate is said to be extremely smooth and deliciously fresh. The balance is perfect as nothing really dominates. Smooth as silk it is proof that the Japanese can make whisky equal to or ever superior to anything the Scots can offer.

We at Dekanta currently have over a dozen Hibiki bottles on offer, everything from 12 to 30 years, check out the selection here.