Happening in Tokyo right now: The Nikka history bar

Whisky fans currently in Tokyo might want to take note, Nikka is putting up a gig; for a few days in July the company will be opening up a special bar to capitalize on the current popularity of whisky. The bar is called the “Nikka Whisky Story Bar Tokyo” and is located in the party zone of Roppongi, as the name suggests it is dedicated to the history of Nikka. The bar itself looks quite fancy with posters from Nikka history hanging on the walls as can be seen from the accompanying image.

On the offer are 11 types of whisky for a price of anything between 400-1200 JPY per glass. The brands are The first Nikka, Black Nikka, Super Nikka, High Nikka, From the Barrel, Pure Malt, Single Malt Yoichi, Single Malt Miyagikyo,Takatsuru Pure Malt, Coffee Grain, Coffe malts and The Nikka.

According to our sources The First Nikka is especially interesting as it is supposed to be an exact replica of the original Nikka blend by Taketsuru himself. On top of this the bar offers a food menu with cuisine which uses Nikka whisky as seasoning.

The bar is only open until July 12th so you better hurry up.

Opening time:2015年6月26日(金)~7月12日(日)
Location:Roppongi Hills「Hills Cafe」
Address:Tokyo, Minato Ward, Roppongi 6-10-1 Hills side 2F
Opening Hours:11:00~23:00(L.O. FOOD/22:00 DRINK/22:30)

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