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Whisky of the Month For May: Ichiro’s Malt World Blended Whisky 2020

Once again, it’s time for our Whisky of the Month. For May, we’ve selected a bottle that has helped catapult the World Blended Whisky category to the forefront of everyone’s mind, while delighting thousands of noses and palates along the way – it’s the Ichiro’s Malt World Blended Whisky 2020. Ichiro’s and World Blended Whiskies […]


5 New Whiskies Worth Writing Home About

2021 has been a relatively slow year for new Japanese whisky releases, partly owing to the on-going whisky shortage, and partly down to distillery closures as a result of Covid-19. However, in the past couple of months we have seen a handful of mouth-watering expressions appear on the market, from fine single malts to unique […]


An Interview With Karuizawa Distillers & The Komoro Distillery

I was as excited as everyone else when I heard the news that a brand new Japanese whisky distillery was to be built close to the Karuizawa area of Japan. This gorgeous, scenic town had once been home to Japan’s now most legendary distillery, so a return to whisky production in the area was indeed […]


Shizuoka Distillery – Pioneering New Processes In Japanese Whisky

Founded in 2016 by whisky importer, Gaia Flow, the Shizuoka Distillery is one of Japanese whisky’s fastest rising stars. It sits in an idyllic location high in the Japanese mountains in the Tamagawa district of Shizuoka, not far from the famous Mt. Fuji itself, and their liquid encapsulates the peaceful surroundings through its fresh, crisp […]


Suntory Announces New Yamazaki & Hibiki Single Malts

In the first major Japanese whisky news of 2021, Suntory announced that they are launching two brand new expressions in their Yamazaki and Hibiki ranges – The Yamazaki Limited Edition 2021 and the Hibiki Blossom Harmony 2021. Whisky fans the world over will be delighted to know that both of these exciting new whiskies contain […]


Christmas Countdown Day 1 – The Asaka Aoi Edition

It’s Christmas Eve and that means it’s the final day of our countdown where we reveal our favourite new release for 2020. So far we’ve looked at a number of incredible bottle from Nikka, Suntory, Akkeshi, Nagahama and more, and we hope you picked up a discounted bottle or two in the process. Today, we’re […]


Christmas Countdown Day 2 – The Nikka Session

There’s just one more full day until Santa arrives with lots of whisky for us to enjoy with family and friends while we share in the pleasures of Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings, but before that, we have two more of our favourite new releases for 2020 to look at! Today, it’s another excellent […]

Christmas Countdown Day 3 – Akkeshi Sarorunkamuy

Only three more sleeps ’til Christmas and that means we have three more superb Japanese Whisky releases for 2020 to look at before Santa finally arrives. Today, we’re looking at another excellent release from the Akkeshi distillery. Despite being relatively new on the scene, they have impressed us with their well-rounded, moreish expressions and for […]


Christmas Countdown Day 4 – Ichiro’s Malt 505 World Blended Whisky

We’re back for Day 4 of our Christmas Countdown and today we have a fantastic new whisky from one of the best producer’s in all of Japan, Ichiro’s Malt. The company has been leading the way with honesty, transparency and innovation for years now and this year’s magnificent 505 World Blended Whisky is another shining […]