Bartenders choice: Make Chita sweeter

Some weeks ago I talked a bit about the new whisky from Suntory, Chita Grain Whisky. By now, many bars in Japan serve Chita whisky. I live near Nagoya station and for a limited time a bar there was selling highball whisky with Chita at a discounted introductory price. I also talked something about the history of the Chita Distillery, today, I am going to talk about an excellent way to blend Chita. Frankly, I am not a big fan of the new Chita whisky, it prefer my grain whisky sweeter than this and I think that the Chita distillery is capable of making much better whiskies. Many bartenders in Japan agree.

Japan has something called the Japanese bartender association which has sub branches in every prefecture in Japan and most of these sub-branches have teams which hold research meetings. Nagoya also has such a team, and every month it meets to study new cocktails and drinks. The other day Chita whisky was studied. The bottle studied was Chita Whisky Single Grain 10 Year Old. This whisky does however taste very differently from the recently released Chita Whisky. It is sweeter which a scent of cacao and extremely fresh. The whisky has the mellow taste of Japanese whisky but it is difficult to image that this is a single grain whisky. Compared to this whisky the recent Chita whisky isn’t all that special to be honest.

But…there is a way to make the new Chita whisky excellent, so try this:

Pour 30ml of Chita Whisky into a glass

Add 10ml of Cacao liqueur as well as 10 ml of whipped cream, and then add 2 drops of orange juice, this will make an excellent cocktail is you like your drink sweet!