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Featured Distillery: Venture Whisky Ltd.

As part of our Featured Japanese Whisky Distillery and Whisky Maker series, we’ll be introducing the Venture Whisky Ltd. Company today and helping you learn more about the Japanese whisky brands that produce high-quality, luxury whisky. Known as an independent bottler or Ji-Whisky, this quaint, yet prominent, whisky manufacturer comes from a unique background. Venture […]


Ichiro’s Malt Card Series – A Collector’s Dream

Several Japanese whisky distilleries have produced legendary lines of whisky bottles, and Ichiro’s Malt Card Series is one of them. Just like a deck of playing cards, this unique collection features 54 bottles that represent each card in a deck. Each vintage bottle has its own original card label, but not only that – they […]


Why Japanese Whisky Is Worth The Price

Japanese whisky: a delicacy that deserves to be at the top shelf of your liquor cabinet!  The Japanese people are known for being meticulous and patient when it comes to perfecting any type craftsmanship, and whisky production are one of these arts that has earned Japanese whisky a high-in-demand, first-rate reputation around the world. However, […]