A few ideal gifts this X-mas

It’s December, The Christmas season has finally arrived, we at dekantā have received many emails from customers looking for that perfect gift and as a result, we are busy stocking up on new bottles and gift sets. Lets take a look at a few bottles and sets which make an excellent gift for any fan of quality whisky!

Suntory Old Whisky Gift Set 251USD

Suntory old is a tried and true formula, having been on the market since the 1950s (which is quite old in the world of Japanese whisky). It was good enough for James Bond to enjoy in You only life twice and is a popular choice here on dekanta for those taking their first step into the world of Japanese whisky. This two bottle gift set comes with an elegant box making it a perfect gift for the Chrisman season.

Suntory Royal Blended Whisky Oriental Zodiac Sign Series 2016 (201 USD)

We at dekanta think of everything and for those who like their bottle to stick out among the crowd we have this! The year of the monkey is coming up in 2016 and Suntory is celebrating with this bottle. Tradition has it that people born in the year of the monkey are witty and intelligent, curious and given to the occasional mischief. How accurate a description that is is anyones guess, in any case the year of the monkey only comes up every 12 years, meaning you wont see another one like this in a while meaning you should grab it while it’s still here!

Nikka Gift Set Special Grade Blended Whisky G&G White (USD 341)

Not wanting to be outdone by Suntory, Nikka has its very own gift set, with two bottles of Nikka Gold and Gold White, and a box even better than the one Suntory has to offer, whoever is getting this is up for a treat!

Hibiki 21 Year Old Mt. Fuji Limited Edition (USD 878)

The Hibiki continues to sell like hot cakes here at dekanta, if you have ever tried it you know why. This Mt. Fuji edition is especially popular, coming with an elegant wooden box, and being one of the best whiskies ever blended, this surely is the perfect gift if you want to spoil someone!