Whisky Drinkers Welcome Japanese Yamazakura’s Worldwide Debut

Japan is known for a wide range of special spirits like shochu and sake, and there are many companies in Japan that produce these popular alcoholic beverages. Over the years, some of these shochu and sake manufacturers have extended their product line to include Japanese whisky. Sasa-no-kawa Shuzo is one of them.

Sasa-no-kawa Shuzo does not release whiskies often; but, when they do, their whiskies are called Yamazakura, a line of premium blended (and sometimes single-malt) liquor. Yamazakura is considered a Ji-Whisky brand, which means this whisky has been produced in a small distillery. (Read more about Japanese whisky terms here.)

Fun Fact: Sasa-no-kawa Shuzo helped Ichiro Akuto from Venture Whisky/Chichibu Distillery (Ichiro’s Malt brand) save remaining stock from the now-closed Hanyu Distillery and assisted Akuto in establishing his brand.  

As a part of our Featured Whisky series, we’ll be sharing the Yamazakura 963, a 21-year-old blended Japanese whisky made with various single malts and grains. Light and complex, the flavor profile of the Yamazakura 963 makes for a wonderful drink for any whisky enthusiast to enjoy, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time fan.

Ji-Whiskies are typically offered in limited quantities and in certain areas (e.g., local regions where the distillery is settled in). But Dekanta provides whisky lovers around the world with even the rarest of Japanese whiskies.