Whisky Gift Guide: Japanese Whisky in Beautiful Ceramic and Porcelain Decanters

For storage and display, ceramic or porcelain-made decanters are a popular choice for Japanese whiskies. Many whisky companies release limited editions of whiskies in rare bottles for special occasions from holidays to commemorations. Perfect as a holiday gift, these beautiful whisky bottles are more than just their exteriors. Check out this list of luxurious liquor from Japan and their complementing containers:

Nikka Whisky Tsuru 17 Years Old White Ceramic Bottle

Delicate and smooth, the Nikka Whisky Tsuru 17 Years Old is a blended Japanese whisky inside a gorgeous white ceramic bottle engraved with a scenic image of Japan’s naturalistic views that features cranes. With its slim neck and easy-to-pour shape, the ceramic decanter is an elegant container for such an exquisite blend of whiskies.

Suntory The Okura Hotel 25th Anniversary

In honor of Hotel Okura’s 25th Anniversary, Suntory created a special blend from whiskies that matured for at least 25 years, a unique fusion you won’t find with any other Suntory whiskies! The bottle itself is a one-of-a-kind shape that was handmade by the prestigious company, Iwata Glass Co. Ltd.

Mars Cask Strength 13 Years Old Whisky

From Mars Shinshu, the Mars Cask Strength 13 Years Old Whisky is presented in a simple, yet sophisticated, ceramic decanter. ‘Cask strength’ means that the whisky in the bottle is from a single whisky cask from the distillery, making this Japanese dram an excellent gift to give to the whisky lover in your life.

Suntory Old Whisky For World Import Fair 1985 Nagoya

Suntory is known for releasing exclusive bottles for various occasions, and this particular bottle is for the World Import Fair 1985 that was held in Nagoya, Japan. Featuring a breathtaking painting of the famous Nagoya Castle, this ceramic bottle is a collector’s must-have item. Suntory’s Old Whisky was chosen for this decanter.

Nikka Whisky Wings Set Ceramic Old Whisky

An elegant set of bird wings ceramic bottles, this Nikka Whisky Wings Set makes a lovely gift for yourself or a whisky lover in your life. Nikka is known for having bird-like designs for their whisky bottles, such as their Tsuru collection. Each bottle holds a portion of Nikka’s Old Whisky.

Karuizawa Yashiro 1971 37 Year Old

Exclusively from the closed distillery, Karuizawa, the Yashiro 1971 37-Year-Old Whisky is a rarity, from the bottle to the whisky inside. Dedicated to the famous Japanese ballad (Enka), Aki Yashiro, this rustic-styled ceramic bottle was made by Yashirokama, a well-known studio founded by one of Japan’s most popular ceramic artists: Noboru Masuda. Smooth, delicate, and delightful, the sherry-infused fruity whisky inside matured for at least 37 years before being bottled.

Suntory Hakushu & Yamazaki 1996 Pure Malt “Blessing & Long Life” Ceramic Whisky

Perfect as a gift or for a collector’s treasure trove of whiskies, this Suntory “Blessing & Long Life” Ceramic Whisky Set features two small ceramic bottles that have unique designs and Japanese characters on them. Each decanter holds a delightful blend of Suntory’s whiskies. These ceramic whisky containers were made in Arita, one of Japan’s most acclaimed ceramic production areas in the Saga Prefecture. The blue bottle is Hakushu and the character on the front means ‘blessing’ while the orange bottle is Yamazaki and the character means ‘long life.’ You get to sample two types of Suntory’s famous whiskies with this set!

Wakatsuru Shuzou Sun Shine 20 Years Old Single Malt

Although not well-known internationally like Suntory or Nikkka, Wakatsuru Shuzou Distillery presents a Ji-Whisky single malt that has aged for at least 20 years and was made in the distillery instead of using grains and malts from other lands (e.g., Scotland). This unique Japanese whisky is housed inside a porcelain-made bottle with a traditional design.

Nikka Ceramic Bottle

Here’s another luxurious Nikka whisky held in a ceramic bottle! This sleek decanter features a whimsical design that exhibits Japanese nature in an elegant way. This Nikka whisky bottle also comes with a wooden box for a complete set, making this Japanese whisky an eye-catching addition to your collection.

Hibiki 35 Years Old (Tokuda Yasokichi III)

Ordinary glass-made whisky bottles can’t ever compare to the beauty and creativity of ceramic and porcelain decanters! This Suntory’s Hibiki 35 Years Old has a gorgeous porcelain-made home created by one of the top porcelain-making masters in Japan, the late Tokuda Yasokichi III. Hibiki is Suntory’s line of blended Japanese whiskies, and this particular dram has whisky that has been aged for at least 35 years. The decanter itself has a round shape with a fan-like vertical ridge pattern and has been painted with a deep blue color.

If you’re looking for a high-quality Japanese whisky and a decorative display bottle for the whisky enthusiast in your life for a holiday gift, these ceramic- or porcelain-made decanters should definitely be added to your holiday shopping list! You can find more unique bottles in our collection.