For decades to come, 2017 will be remembered as the year Japan entered the global gin market. Now firmly established as the producer of world-leading whisky, Japan is ready to reach the top with its gin production, offering some of the most innovative and exciting new gin products available. Considering the success that Japanese whisky has achieved, why should we expect any less from Japanese gin?

Having become a formidable force in the international whisky industry, Japan is now entering the global gin industry dynamically. With exceptional products and Japanese twists lovingly applied, Japan is ready to show the world, once again, that their skill and craft has no limits, especially when it comes to high-quality liquor.

Among our first offerings, one can find gins from Suntory, Nikka, and the Kyoto Distillery, Japan’s very first gin distillery. We have it all, and it’s yours for the taking. Uniquely Japanese ingredients like yuzu, green tea, cherry blossoms, and Japanese pepper, bring a whole host of distinctive new flavours that even the most fanatic gin lovers are unlikely to have experienced flavours before.

Here at dekanta, as global specialists and ambassadors of Japanese whisky and Japanese spirits in general, we’re proud to offer the latest Japanese gins as they become available in Japan, some of which won’t be available in the West for several months.

Dekanta is the online only retailer with a dedicated store for Japanese gin, and we are proud to be championing an industry we believe has the potential to emulate the great international success of Japanese whisky before it.
You heard it here first, when it comes to liquor from Japan, dekanta is always one step ahead.

Enter Japanese gin.

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