Kamiki Intense: A Leap Forward For Japanese Wood

What comes to be when a world whisky category is given complete freedom, with barely any production regulations in place to hinder creativity? The answer is simple – unrestricted experimentation.

Scotch whisky has rules, many of them, set by the Scotch Whisky Association. In many ways, these rules work well in maintaining the category’s traditions, production methods, and stellar global reputation. In some instances, however, distillers grow frustrated, unable to experiment as much as they’d like.

Without such restrictions in the Japanese whisky industry, an exciting wave of innovative projects is taking over Japan.

Kamiki Intense: A dekanta Exclusive

In Japan at the moment, an abundance of new wood types are being tested. Sakura wood, Japanese chestnut, lemon wood, and in this instance, Japanese cedar, specifically, Yoshino Sugi. Kamiki is a blend of Japanese and world malts, brought together with pristine water sourced near Nara, Japan. The original expression is then finished in Japanese cedar casks, imparting a wonderful floral, aromatic quality to the smooth blend. Now, the Kamiki Intense has arrived to deliver a bolder, more powerful introduction to the traditional wood used in sake and shochu production.

We’re overjoyed to work with the Kamiki team to deliver the new, premium Kamiki Intense blend to the world.

As the first whisky in the world to be finished in Japanese cedar casks, the Kamiki Original has managed to amass several awards on the global stage and quickly turn whisky fans the world over into loyal fans. Now, the Kamiki Intense takes one more step forward.

Left to mature longer in the Japanese cedar casks, the Intense maintains balance as it brings forth intensified notes of juicy summer apples, raisins, and plums. Incense joins alongside the dark, rich presence of smoke and toasted wood. The finish lingers longer than the Kamiki Original with sandalwood, pepper, and cinnamon fusing beautifully.  

The bottle will be available exclusively on dekanta in 2018 but, as numbers are limited, make sure to grab a bottle as soon as possible, and experience the full power of Yoshino Sugi.