Dekanta’s 2nd Anniversary Week – The Future Looks Bright

Two years ago today, on June 3rd, our company launched and started spreading joy (in the form of Japanese whisky) around the world.

It’s been a hell of a ride and tough at times, but it’s all been worth it, as our team here at dekanta have had a front row seat watching Japanese whisky grow in popularity and spread across the globe.

Over the two years since our company’s launch, we’ve managed to do quite a lot. We’ve shipped Japanese whisky to fans across 50 countries in the world; to places where Japanese whisky hasn’t really reached yet.

Through continual searching and work, we’ve built the largest, and rarest, online collection of Japanese whisky in the world. From the legendary Yamazaki 50 year-old to the rarest Karuizawa bottlings, we have it all. And it continues to grow each day.

We do our very best to keep our customers happy, and keep our blog and social media updated and fresh, with the latest and most exciting news in the Japanese whisky world.

That’s what we have done, and continue to do on a daily basis, however, this article isn’t about our past work.

At dekanta, we like to keep our fans greatly involved in the evolution of our company. We’re here today to talk about what dekanta has in store for the future!

Dekanta on the Ground

We’re an online retailer and specialist of Japanese whisky, meaning that (obviously) most of our business is carried out online. However, that is about to change!

As a continuously evolving company, we have realized that having a stronger presence on the ground is essential for our company’s growth. For this reason, you can expect to see dekanta at more and more events around the world.

We can’t give too much away yet, but we will attending many whisky fairs, both as guests and exhibitors, in our mission to educate the world about Japanese whisky. We also have friends across many major cities in the fine dining and cocktail industries, so expect to see some exciting collaborations with well-known brands moving forward.

Who knows, in the near future, you might even see a dekanta bar pop-up in your neighbourhood! The possibilities are endless.

One thing is certain – we are hitting the ground running.

Limited Bottlings

Our relationships with Japanese whisky distilleries and suppliers are of the utmost importance to us. We endeavour to present their products and company ethos with clarity and accuracy to all our customers.

These relationships also enable us to get our hands on some pretty rare bottlings, and some casks too. Again, we need to keep the mystery present, so as not to spoil the excitement, but in the coming years (it’s still maturing towards perfection at the moment) you can expect to see some limited dekanta branded releases, from some up-and-coming Japanese distilleries that we’re very excited about.

Keep your Eyes on the Horizon…& Let Us Know

Our founder, Makiyo Masa, is always looking towards improvement and new, exciting projects. Like many Japanese distilleries and companies, she isn’t afraid of change, if it means improving the customer experience and growing. We’re very lucky to have her leading our team.

For this reason, we want to ask all of you what you would like to see from dekanta in the future. Comment below or on any of our social media platforms and tell us your opinion. How can we improve? What would you be excited to see?

Who better to help us help our fans, than our fans?