dekanta 6th Anniversary Feature: The Hibiki Harmony

In celebration of our 6th Anniversary, we’ll be highlighting a different Japanese whisky expression each day for the next 9 days. Each of the expressions we have chosen is iconic in its own right and has played a significant role in getting the Japanese whisky industry to where it is today.

To kick things off, we’re taking a look at our favourite entry level Japanese whisky – The Hibiki Harmony.

The Hibiki Harmony

LazyThe Hibiki range, launched in 1989, has become loved and cherished by millions of whisky drinkers around the globe. Initially containing 17 and 21 year old expressions, the range has blossomed in recent years with the addition of a 12 Year Old, limited edition 35 Year Olds and a number of and non-age-statement creations.

The bottles have picked up countless awards for their excellence, including “World’s Best Blended Whisky” on multiple occasions, and today, many believe that Hibiki whiskies are the finest blended expressions in the world. 

The Hibiki Harmony is the perfect entry level whisky to the Hibiki range. It displays no age-statement, but like all other Hibiki expressions, it was blended from the finest malt and grain whiskies from distilleries in Suntory’s portfolio, such as Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita.

It brings a perfectly harmonious array of aromas and flavours to the table that all mingle seamlessly, resulting in a well-balanced, delicious and moreish blended whisky.

It delivers fresh fruits, cherries, green apples and layers of sweet honey on the nose, before the palate arrives with candied orange peels, gentle oak, melted butter, juicy fruits and gentle peppery spice. The finish is medium length and tops it all off with spiced fruits and a soft oakiness that holds until your next sip. 

This all comes presented in the famous 24-faceted bottle that is a constant feature of Hibiki whiskies. Each side of the bottle is said to represent the 24 hours of the day and the 24 seasons, or ‘Sekki’, of the traditional Japanese calendar.

It’s a bottle that is immediately recognisable and has come to stand for quality, precision and elegance, much like the whisky inside. 

The Hibiki Harmony has now been delighting noses and palates the world over for years and, to us at least, it is the perfect introduction to the joys that the world-beating Hibiki range holds inside.

The fact that this stunning whisky comes in at a much lower price point than other bottlings in the range means that you can experience the joys of Hibiki whisky without breaking the bank. 

It really is a beauty and one that we absolutely love here at dekanta. The Hibiki Harmony is the perfect dram to share with friends on a warm Friday evening and one that you can be sure will deliver a memorable tasting experience. 

Stay Tuned

We’ll be back tomorrow to take a look at another fantastic Japanese whisky, but for now, why not get your hands on a bottle of Hibiki Harmony, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. 

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